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New Ball Era: Season 1

New Ball Era: Episode 1 Trailer ↓↓↓↓↓ Official Trailer for Episode 1: Philadelphia Ballers; stay tuned for the release of the first full episode of the season to be released next weekend. @UniqueSportplus @bbbjbaleague @theballera pic.twitter.com/PZjNTzkrf9— Average J's Podcast (@AverageJPodcast) October 9, 2018   New Ball Era: Philadelphia Ballers ↓↓↓↓↓   New Ball Era: Episode 2 Trailer ↓↓↓↓↓ Trailer for New Ball Era: EP2 … Read More New Ball Era: Season 1


How are the NBA and JBA alike?

The West is Best! The JBA and NBA have one thing in common besides their rules and that is that the West rules the league with an iron first and it isn’t even close. The best teams from the JBA and the only one’s we give a real shot to win the JBA Finals are in the Western conference. Luckily for JBA players in … Read More How are the NBA and JBA alike?


Midseason JBA Power Rankings

Atlanta Outlook: Undefeated at the halfway mark of the season can only result in the top rankings, Atlanta has played some good teams in Chicago, Houston, and Seattle. Each time they held off good teams and kept the game in their control, at times this season they have started to slip up in a quarter to two stretches, but they always seem to get … Read More Midseason JBA Power Rankings