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Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

With the 2019-20 NBA Season starting back up in a few weeks, I decided to give my rankings of the league’s point guards in terms of how good they are. For this list, I will be excluding players such as LeBron James and Luka Doncic, who aren’t known to be point guards despite primarily playing the position this year. Without further ado, here’s my … Read More Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA



  1. Lebron James Reasoning: Lebron James has finally looked like the Lebron i was expecting to see with the bright lights of LA on him. I was hoping for more a scoring effort on a nightly basis while he allows Lonzo to direct the offense. It seems they finally caught onto this as Lebron goes off for 42 points, while Lonzo gets everyone … Read More NBA MVP Race