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Lakers Vs. Rockets Preview

In this preview we will discuss Lonzo Balls outlook against Chris Paul coming up as well as talk about how Lonzo Ball will fair over this brutal 11 game stretch in which he faces 5 All-Stars 2 up and coming young Point Guards a total of times as well as NBA veterans Patrick Beverley, Mike Conley, and Jrue Holiday. You won’t want to miss … Read More Lakers Vs. Rockets Preview


Dwight Howard story is Fake!

The Dwight Howard rumor while hilarious and chopped full of jokes. Like literally they write themselves, between him missing time for a butt injury, or the fact he has 10 kids. However after everyone got their jokes off it became evident that there could be more to the story than just the humor of it all. This “woman” is using Dwight Howard’s name for … Read More Dwight Howard story is Fake!