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2018 NFL Records

      AFC East Outlook: AFC “Least” is a more reasonable name. Besides boasting the team that is a coin flip to go to the Super Bowl most years this division has been awful for the better part of a decade. Tom Brady will turn 41 before the season and while he may have all the answers to the test in his division, … Read More 2018 NFL Records


Top 16 NFL QB’s

I took into account multiple things when considering who makes the top half of NFL Quarterbacks. His Talent/Teams Talent Stats (My Prediction) Upside or Future Ability Contract Strength of Schedule   Philip Rivers Reasoning: He has a ton of talent around him and a very winnable division this season with a lot of personnel turnover having taken place. He is the most tenured QB … Read More Top 16 NFL QB’s


Top 20 NFL WR Corps

Written By: Austin Philippi UniquESports Polled 5 of our Analysists over their opinions on various Receiving Corps in the NFL as well as assigning a numerical score (1-10) for the overall quality of the unit.  This is a combined summary of our outlook on the Top 20 NFL Receiving Corps. When evaluating units, we don’t include the Quarterbacks skill. However, I will address the … Read More Top 20 NFL WR Corps