Offers Rolling in for Lamelo Ball

Lamelo Ball a possible Lottery pick in the 2020 NBA Draft has been offered by Eastern Michigan and LIU Brooklyn fresh off a win in the Mustang Madness Tournament. We had recently heard and confirmed Alamaba A&M had already given Lamelo a formal offer. With multiple colleges now giving Lamelo Ball an offer to come play for their school it is becoming more obvious … Read More Offers Rolling in for Lamelo Ball

Spire Vs. Trinity Recap

  Lamelo Ball and Spire won yet another tournament this weekend in rather unmatched fashion as their competition was little match for the fire power that Spire posses. Spire got out to a quick start absolutely dominating Trinity on the glass and in the paint as Isaiah Jackson was the player of the game with a near 20-20 performance as he posted 26 points, … Read More Spire Vs. Trinity Recap


Lamelo Ball Gets First D-1 Offer

Lamelo Ball went back to High School, and now it seems like he may just be eligible for college as well; as Alabama A&M is the first D-1 offer Melo has received.   With Spire Academy undefeated (12-0) and Lamelo averaging 21.5 Points, 11.5 Assists, 9.4 Rebounds its safe to say many more D-1 schools are sure to send him offers as his senior … Read More Lamelo Ball Gets First D-1 Offer

Kyler Murray deserves to win the Heisman. Oklahoma’s defense shuts up haters.

Iowa’s Isaiah Moss the next Donovan Mitchell?

  At 22 years old, he is one of the older NBA prospects in this upcoming draft. But don’t let his age fool you into thinking he doesn’t have a pro ready game. At 6’5 205 with the ability to light up the score board seemingly at will he will be an electric player for a team late in the first or early second … Read More Iowa’s Isaiah Moss the next Donovan Mitchell?


How are the NBA and JBA alike?

The West is Best! The JBA and NBA have one thing in common besides their rules and that is that the West rules the league with an iron first and it isn’t even close. The best teams from the JBA and the only one’s we give a real shot to win the JBA Finals are in the Western conference. Luckily for JBA players in … Read More How are the NBA and JBA alike?



Written By: Austin Philippi No matter if your young or old, rich or poor, and black or white you most likely have an opinion of the outspoken father. Wither your opinion is right or not is only up for you to decide, however Lavar is providing a unique opportunity to young men and athletes who not only wouldn’t have had the chance but just … Read More JBA Vs. NCAA