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JBA Playoff Power Rankings

  These rankings are a comprehensive list based off both regular season performance, roster strength, and path to the championship. For each team we will give their season and post season outlook. Which includes performance, roster strength, and path to championship.   The Playoff Format is: (1) Los Angeles (8) Philadelphia     (4) Dallas (5) Atlanta (3) New York (6) Houston (7) Chicago (2) … Read More JBA Playoff Power Rankings


Week 5 JBA MVP Rankings

Nigel Chaney Team: Atlanta (5-1) Reasoning: He played good against LA for 3 quarters, but his team was absolutely dismantled in the first quarter by 30 points that made the game a no contest the rest of the way. Atlanta still put up a fight mostly in the 4th quarter in which they finally caught fire and outscored Los Angeles. But you can NOT … Read More Week 5 JBA MVP Rankings


ATL Vs. Los Angeles Showdown!

Lavar Ball wanted to get “Dawgs” for his league, he said he’d find good players outside of his boys and he has kept this promise by constantly upgrading talent all season long and working to improve every team and the JBA product. Atlanta however who was put together by his first-born son (Lonzo Ball, of Los Angeles Lakers) has yet to be defeated on … Read More ATL Vs. Los Angeles Showdown!


Week 2 JBA MVP Rankings

Jordan Ray Team: Atlanta Reasoning: He cut his turnover’s down against Seattle and made better decisions the entire game. He has been a knock-down shooter for all 3 games for Atlanta and is truly something special to watch. This Atlanta team comes and goes as his game does, and right now he is cooking and setting up teammates to be successful. He is also … Read More Week 2 JBA MVP Rankings

Best NBA Mock Draft

Written By: Austin Philippi A few years from now you will all look back and realize just how right all of the rankings are. This is the order I’d take the players in the upcoming draft and the reason each team with that pick would and should take that individual.     Mo Bamba – This young man has an 8’0 wingspan and while … Read More Best NBA Mock Draft