Lakers MVP Through 15 Games

Lebron James Reasoning: He just passed Wilt Chamberlain to be number 5 all time in scoring while putting up 44 against the Blazers in Staples. The Lakers got off to a rocky start, but Lebron seems to be getting more and more assertive as he isn’t waiting for these players to come of age around him. He’s showing them exactly what it means to … Read More Lakers MVP Through 15 Games


2018 JBA Awards

2018 JBA Player Awards Before we begin we’d like to say that these aren’t our rankings or opinions on who is most deserving of the award, these are rankings that we believe will be the most likely outcome. Surprise Player of the Year is an award we have created based on the fact we can’t have a MIP player award, so we created our … Read More 2018 JBA Awards