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Fantastic Beasts Review

First Movie: The first installment of the newest Harry Potter spin off franchise left much to be desired as i could barely sit through the movie both times i attempted watching it. As a long time Harry Potter fan who has seen all of the original films more times than i can count i was disappointed to say the least. Background: These movies are … Read More Fantastic Beasts Review


Incredibles 2 Over-hyped

Written By: Austin Philippi Riding the high of a 14-year absence and longing by its fans Incredibles did what we all knew it would do and unseat Frozen as the biggest opening weekend in box office history. While I’m seeing mostly good things come out about the movie, I had a completely different take. Outside of Jack-Jack fighting the Racoon the movie just wasn’t … Read More Incredibles 2 Over-hyped


A Mad-Man Reborn

Our story first began on October 31, 1963 when 6 year old Michael Myers brutally murders his 15 year old sister. He was sent away to be under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis at a high security mental institution in Smith’s Grove. He remained there until the night of October 30, 1978 when he escaped and made his way back to his hometown. … Read More A Mad-Man Reborn