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Midseason MVP Rankings

Who will take home the coveted Most Valuable Player award? The MVP race is heating up! The league’s top stars are battling it out, with a few candidates standing out more than the others. We’ve got a couple of familiar faces from last year’s MVP race, in addition to some new entries into the ladder. This should be fun. As you should know, the … Read More Midseason MVP Rankings


The LA Spark Hires “Manstress” Derek Fisher As Their Head Coach😂😂


Podcast over Lonzo Ball turns into heated G.O.A.T Debate

The audio goes in and out of parts of this debate on my end, but these are the topics we cover below prior to the podcast taking a turn for the worse. Lonzo Ball Defense  Lonzo Bust/All-Star? Liangelo NBA Chances? Melo NBA Draft stock? – Debate take a turn towards LeBron James and the G.O.A.T Debate. I get cut off and interrupted before i … Read More Podcast over Lonzo Ball turns into heated G.O.A.T Debate



One of the most popular game modes of NBA 2K19 is MyTeam, an online multiplayer mode where players can create their team filled with both current and historic players. Introduced in NBA 2K13, MyTeam features different packs wherein certain players can be acquired. Packs usually contain players that fit the theme, and can be purchased by 1 of 2 in-game currencies, either Virtual Currency … Read More NBA 2K19 MyTeam: TOP 3 BEST EMERALD TOKEN REWARDS


Week 5 NBA MVP Ladder! Greek Freak or Steph Curry?

The NBA is filled with hundreds of the world’s best basketball players. Each year, superstars try to prove themselves as the best of the best after working on their craft during the offseason, by winning the Most Valuable Player award. Last year, Rockets superstar James Harden claimed the trophy after averaging 30.4 ppg, 5.4rpg, 8.8 apg and 1.8 spg while leading the Rockets to … Read More Week 5 NBA MVP Ladder! Greek Freak or Steph Curry?

NBA 2K19’s Top 25 Newest Features (So Far)!

NBA 2K19’s release is just around the corner! On September 7, those who have pre-ordered the game will get their first ever chance to experience NBA 2K in its newest form. Over the past few weeks, 2K has released a bunch of sneak peeks, gameplay and trailers in order to hype up the crowd, showing us all of its new additions to the game. … Read More NBA 2K19’s Top 25 Newest Features (So Far)!


Week 2 JBA MVP Rankings

Jordan Ray Team: Atlanta Reasoning: He cut his turnover’s down against Seattle and made better decisions the entire game. He has been a knock-down shooter for all 3 games for Atlanta and is truly something special to watch. This Atlanta team comes and goes as his game does, and right now he is cooking and setting up teammates to be successful. He is also … Read More Week 2 JBA MVP Rankings

Best NBA Mock Draft

Written By: Austin Philippi A few years from now you will all look back and realize just how right all of the rankings are. This is the order I’d take the players in the upcoming draft and the reason each team with that pick would and should take that individual.     Mo Bamba – This young man has an 8’0 wingspan and while … Read More Best NBA Mock Draft


LeBron James Free Agency Give Away

UniquESports+ is doing it’s very first give away, a Signed Basketball from when LeBron James was a member of the Miami Heat. The contest is in honor of LeBron’s Free Agency decision this summer and the fact we could see him with a new franchise. The Contest rules are simple, and the Winner will be chosen at random from the applicants who follow these … Read More LeBron James Free Agency Give Away


Top 5 Landing Spots For LeBron

Written By : Austin Philippi   Spurs Possible Roster: Lebron James, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Anderson, LaMarcus Aldridge Championship Ability: The Spurs have a championship pedigree and a 21-year playoff streak on the line. LeBron would be signing up to play with the best player he’s ever played with in Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs have a plethora of 3-Pt shooters and championship experience … Read More Top 5 Landing Spots For LeBron


Cavaliers Vs. Warriors Movie Franchise

Written By: Austin Philippi The last four years have reminded me a lot of some of the movie franchises I’ve been watching recently. One or two good movies in a franchise, with a ton of predictability mixed with a stale and repetitive story line. I along with many of you not only hope this is the last time we see Cavs vs. Warriors but … Read More Cavaliers Vs. Warriors Movie Franchise


UniqueSports+ NBA Top 100 Players

Written by: Austin Philippi While Ranking NBA players, 3 things were considered in this order. 1. Who would you want on your team in the playoffs? 2. An NBA players size relative to position. 3. An NBA players’ Potential Moving forward into next season. 100. Thaddeus Young- Between him and Myles Turner they bottled up Kevin Love and helped take Lebron and the Cavaliers … Read More UniqueSports+ NBA Top 100 Players