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Luke Walton may not actually be the Lakers coaching problem

After the win against the Thunder Thursday night, the Lakers are now 5-7 after LeBron James’ injury and 25-21 overall. The team is currently tied with the Utah Jazz for the 8th spot in the Western Conference, and have had a top 5 defensive rating in the NBA since Lebron went down with injury.  Even with the win, Laker fans weren’t happy with the … Read More Luke Walton may not actually be the Lakers coaching problem


Lonzo Vs. D’Angelo Russell Preview

Check out our latest podcast over what you can expect out of Russel Vs. Lonzo Ball tonight, as well as our panel looking ahead to the next 4 games and predicting what may happen on Christmas day vs the Warriors.


Lakers Vs. Rockets Preview

In this preview we will discuss Lonzo Balls outlook against Chris Paul coming up as well as talk about how Lonzo Ball will fair over this brutal 11 game stretch in which he faces 5 All-Stars 2 up and coming young Point Guards a total of times as well as NBA veterans Patrick Beverley, Mike Conley, and Jrue Holiday. You won’t want to miss … Read More Lakers Vs. Rockets Preview



  1. Lebron James Reasoning: Lebron James has finally looked like the Lebron i was expecting to see with the bright lights of LA on him. I was hoping for more a scoring effort on a nightly basis while he allows Lonzo to direct the offense. It seems they finally caught onto this as Lebron goes off for 42 points, while Lonzo gets everyone … Read More NBA MVP Race

Podcast over Lonzo Ball turns into heated G.O.A.T Debate

The audio goes in and out of parts of this debate on my end, but these are the topics we cover below prior to the podcast taking a turn for the worse. Lonzo Ball Defense  Lonzo Bust/All-Star? Liangelo NBA Chances? Melo NBA Draft stock? – Debate take a turn towards LeBron James and the G.O.A.T Debate. I get cut off and interrupted before i … Read More Podcast over Lonzo Ball turns into heated G.O.A.T Debate


Playing Lonzo Ball Key to Lakers Winning

When Lonzo plays 30+ minutes the Lakers are 5-1, with their only loss being a 143-142 defeat by the hands of the spurs in OT. This you’d think the coaching staff (Luke Walton) would have caught onto by now. When Lonzo plays Less than 30 minutes the Lakers are 6-7. Yes, they go from being a dominant team to a below average team by … Read More Playing Lonzo Ball Key to Lakers Winning


Lakers MVP through 10 Games?

Lonzo Ball Reasoning: Lonzo has only fallen amongst these rankings due to Luke Walton not being able to understand basic rotations and how this team could be its most successful. Lonzo isn’t being treated fairly as Luke has proven he has the shortest leash of any player in the rotation. Seemingly every time Lonzo misses one or two shots in a row Luke pulls … Read More Lakers MVP through 10 Games?