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G.O.A.T Cross Sport Athlete Edition

Firstly, I wanted to state this isn’t a traditional G.O.A.T debate this is a greatest athlete of all time based on a survey in which we asked 50 people to fill out a Cross Sport G.O.A.T Bracket and we based the order of these rankings on your consensus and thoughts. We told voters that they could use any bias premise they like, and greatest … Read More G.O.A.T Cross Sport Athlete Edition


All-Time NBA Draft

All Time NBA Draft This list isn’t an exact ranking of who is the better or more accomplished player, while ranking these individuals I’m considering depth at position, overall skill and size, longevity while assuming players go without major injuries and making sure every roster has a player who plays at each of on of the 5 positions in their prime, while trying to … Read More All-Time NBA Draft

Top 20 NBA Players in History

Written By: Austin Philippi   An in depth personal analysis on who has had the greatest careers in NBA history, some NBA players have been raised higher on this list because I’m going to project the rest of their individual careers and place in history. I used several key factors in deciding who was the better player including, Hardware, Dominance, Size, and overall basketball … Read More Top 20 NBA Players in History


23 Reasons Lebron Is Better Than Jordan

                                                            Written By: Austin Philippi   Jordan’s Era – Michael Jordan’s Era is perceived by the previous generation of NBA athletes and a lot of the media or fan base as having been the better era. This perception is because it was more physical, and the rules allowed have changed to help protect NBA athletes. However, while they could muck the games up and … Read More 23 Reasons Lebron Is Better Than Jordan