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Written By: Austin Philippi No matter if your young or old, rich or poor, and black or white you most likely have an opinion of the outspoken father. Wither your opinion is right or not is only up for you to decide, however Lavar is providing a unique opportunity to young men and athletes who not only wouldn’t have had the chance but just … Read More JBA Vs. NCAA


Week 1 JBA Power Rankings

Los Angeles Outlook: They have the best trio in the league as of right now in Melo Ball, Niles Malone, and Greg Floyd Jr. The rest of their team also fits in nicely, with a lot of height and depth this Los Angeles team looks primed to win it all at this point in the season. It’ll be a tough task for a team … Read More Week 1 JBA Power Rankings


JBA Week 1 MVP Rankings

Niles Malone Team: Los Angeles Reasoning: He’s averaging the most points in the JBA through two games and has played stellar defense to boot. When Lamelo Ball fouled out with 8 minutes to go Seattle looked prime to make a run late, however Niles Malone would not let that happen. He’ll need to try and lower his turnovers however he is averaging 45.5 Points … Read More JBA Week 1 MVP Rankings