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Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!

June 18th was a fateful day in the rap community, not only did we lose, XXXTencacion, but also Jimmy Wopo, 21-year-old rapper was shot and killed in his own neighborhood in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He was recently signed to the music label Sledgren, and his producers are in tears. Wopo’s legal name, Travon Smart, has gone long by the wayside, as most know him by … Read More Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!


This is crazy!! This incident is almost as strange as his face tats, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion or locally known as, Jahseh Onfroy, actually predicted his own death! He was killed yesterday during a robbery while he was leaving a motorsport car dealership. Men in a black SUV gunned him down at approximately 4:00 pm in Broward County, Florida. There is a ton of speculation … Read More XXXTENTACION WON’T BE GETTING THAT CAR….