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Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

With the 2019-20 NBA Season starting back up in a few weeks, I decided to give my rankings of the league’s point guards in terms of how good they are. For this list, I will be excluding players such as LeBron James and Luka Doncic, who aren’t known to be point guards despite primarily playing the position this year. Without further ado, here’s my … Read More Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA


NBA MVP Rankings

1. Giannis The bucks have been amazing up this point with the most wins in the league over quality opponents. Their length and defense is being matched by offensive production. Giannis is a big part of that as he’s averaging 26-12.5-6.5-1.7-1.7 and have beaten plenty of good teams at home and on the road. If the Bucks can keep this up all season long … Read More NBA MVP Rankings



  1. Lebron James Reasoning: Lebron James has finally looked like the Lebron i was expecting to see with the bright lights of LA on him. I was hoping for more a scoring effort on a nightly basis while he allows Lonzo to direct the offense. It seems they finally caught onto this as Lebron goes off for 42 points, while Lonzo gets everyone … Read More NBA MVP Race


Week 5 NBA MVP Ladder! Greek Freak or Steph Curry?

The NBA is filled with hundreds of the world’s best basketball players. Each year, superstars try to prove themselves as the best of the best after working on their craft during the offseason, by winning the Most Valuable Player award. Last year, Rockets superstar James Harden claimed the trophy after averaging 30.4 ppg, 5.4rpg, 8.8 apg and 1.8 spg while leading the Rockets to … Read More Week 5 NBA MVP Ladder! Greek Freak or Steph Curry?


NBA Mount Rushmore

  Honorable Mention for Mount Rushmore: Steph Curry: Legacy: He’s the greatest shooter of all time and has single handedly changed the game more than any player in NBA history. However, he will never be able to make the NBA Mount Rushmore simply because of his size and stature. While this may not be fair a lot of fans and even NBA players don’t … Read More NBA Mount Rushmore


All-Time NBA Draft

All Time NBA Draft This list isn’t an exact ranking of who is the better or more accomplished player, while ranking these individuals I’m considering depth at position, overall skill and size, longevity while assuming players go without major injuries and making sure every roster has a player who plays at each of on of the 5 positions in their prime, while trying to … Read More All-Time NBA Draft


How are the NBA and JBA alike?

The West is Best! The JBA and NBA have one thing in common besides their rules and that is that the West rules the league with an iron first and it isn’t even close. The best teams from the JBA and the only one’s we give a real shot to win the JBA Finals are in the Western conference. Luckily for JBA players in … Read More How are the NBA and JBA alike?

Top 20 NBA Players in History

Written By: Austin Philippi   An in depth personal analysis on who has had the greatest careers in NBA history, some NBA players have been raised higher on this list because I’m going to project the rest of their individual careers and place in history. I used several key factors in deciding who was the better player including, Hardware, Dominance, Size, and overall basketball … Read More Top 20 NBA Players in History