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The Electric Ear: Hottest Tracks from the Week of December 3rd

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The Eclectic Ear: Hottest Tracks from the Week of November 26th

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The Eclectic Ear: Hottest Music Pick for the Week of November 19th

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Lamelo Ball is going back to High School?

The JBA USA Team will be without their star and marquee player the rest of the season as Lamelo Ball  has decided to take his talents…… back to high school. However, he won’t be attending the school he helped make famous in Chino Hills, he’ll be going to school in Ohio. Likely rumored to be attending Spire Academy with several key prospects including a 7’7 … Read More Lamelo Ball is going back to High School?


What to expect of JBA USA without Lamelo and Je’Rell Springer!

Springer is nursing an injury  (Bruised Ribs) that will likely see him miss time over the JBA’s next few games, with Springer out what can you expect out of JBA USA? Even more 3’s than they shoot now, the likely candidate to get playing time in his stead will by Jordan Ray who is finally back, full healthy and played his first real minutes … Read More What to expect of JBA USA without Lamelo and Je’Rell Springer!


JBA Recap: The London Lions

JBA USA wins a crazy and entertaining game in London today with a final score of 151-137 and let me say  if you missed this one you missed out on an extremely thrilling game. For JBA USA Lamelo Ball was certainly the player of the game with 42 points, 13 rebounds, and 17 assists, Lamelo was absolutely cooking on the offensive end coming up … Read More JBA Recap: The London Lions


JBA Preview: The London Lions

In what is one of the most anticipated games of the JBA USA tour the Ball Brothers return to London to play the London Lions, not only are they playing a former opponent but a former teammate, Kevin Bristol, formerly of BC Vytautus will go against his former teammates Lamelo and Liangelo Ball. For the Lions they come into the game at 5-1 in … Read More JBA Preview: The London Lions

New Ball Era: Season 1

New Ball Era: Episode 1 Trailer ↓↓↓↓↓ Official Trailer for Episode 1: Philadelphia Ballers; stay tuned for the release of the first full episode of the season to be released next weekend. @UniqueSportplus @bbbjbaleague @theballera pic.twitter.com/PZjNTzkrf9— Average J's Podcast (@AverageJPodcast) October 9, 2018   New Ball Era: Philadelphia Ballers ↓↓↓↓↓   New Ball Era: Episode 2 Trailer ↓↓↓↓↓ Trailer for New Ball Era: EP2 … Read More New Ball Era: Season 1



Big Baller Brand USA Team   This list isn’t an exact order of the to players in the JBA it is however a list that I believe makes the best possible basketball team to go overseas and represent the US BBB team on a possible European tour. I’m going to name 5 starters and their positions and then I’m going to name 10 people … Read More JBA USA Team



Written By: Austin Philippi No matter if your young or old, rich or poor, and black or white you most likely have an opinion of the outspoken father. Wither your opinion is right or not is only up for you to decide, however Lavar is providing a unique opportunity to young men and athletes who not only wouldn’t have had the chance but just … Read More JBA Vs. NCAA

Best NBA Mock Draft

Written By: Austin Philippi A few years from now you will all look back and realize just how right all of the rankings are. This is the order I’d take the players in the upcoming draft and the reason each team with that pick would and should take that individual.     Mo Bamba – This young man has an 8’0 wingspan and while … Read More Best NBA Mock Draft


Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?

Top JBA Players to Watch this Summer Written By: Austin Philippi Before I begin I wanted to state I’m rooting for each one of these young men to further their basketball careers to the best of their potential. All 64 JBA players have been given an amazing opportunity to show of their skill, teamwork, IQ, and natural ability on the biggest stage of their … Read More Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?