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Dwight Howard story is Fake!

The Dwight Howard rumor while hilarious and chopped full of jokes. Like literally they write themselves, between him missing time for a butt injury, or the fact he has 10 kids. However after everyone got their jokes off it became evident that there could be more to the story than just the humor of it all. This “woman” is using Dwight Howard’s name for … Read More Dwight Howard story is Fake!


Top 20 JBA Player Rankings

  20. Cameron Massey Reasoning: He was forcing his shot and his game too much to start the year but as his team has improved and his Captain badge taken away he has become a more consistent player and back to be the guy we expected to see prior to the season starting. He can still lead this Dallas team on the floor and help … Read More Top 20 JBA Player Rankings



Big Baller Brand USA Team   This list isn’t an exact order of the to players in the JBA it is however a list that I believe makes the best possible basketball team to go overseas and represent the US BBB team on a possible European tour. I’m going to name 5 starters and their positions and then I’m going to name 10 people … Read More JBA USA Team