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NBA MVP Rankings

1. Giannis The bucks have been amazing up this point with the most wins in the league over quality opponents. Their length and defense is being matched by offensive production. Giannis is a big part of that as he’s averaging 26-12.5-6.5-1.7-1.7 and have beaten plenty of good teams at home and on the road. If the Bucks can keep this up all season long … Read More NBA MVP Rankings


Dave East – P2 (Album Review)

There are so many acts in today’s hip hop market. Harlem’s very own, Dave East, demands attention in this overcrowded market. ‘P2’ is the sequel to last year’s exquisite release, ‘Paranoia: A True Story’. On ‘P2’ the Nas co-sign carries on that New York rap tradition that true hip hop fans LOVE and WISH THERE WERE WAS MORE OF. Immediately, Dave gives us an … Read More Dave East – P2 (Album Review)


What does Tyson Chandler mean for the Lakers?

  The biggest weakness and a glaring hole in the Lakers team in this early season was clear, it wasn’t Luke Walton’s rotations (even though they are still awful) and it wasn’t lack of three-point shooting. No in fact the biggest weakness the Lakers had is when JaVale McGee left the court they couldn’t play any resemblance of defense. Signing Tyson Chandler as their … Read More What does Tyson Chandler mean for the Lakers?