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10 Best Draft Picks

With the 2018 NBA Draft now behind us and all the new toys getting settled in to their new teams, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at which picks really excited me. How I came to my decision reaching a top 10 was basically how players fit on said team, how the value of the pick was and … Read More 10 Best Draft Picks

NBA Retirement Tour

The NBA has long dominated sports conversations year-round, wither it’s the NBA season starting in October, the NBA playoffs staring in May, and NBA Free-Agency starting in July. This gives the NBA real story lines and drama that entices fans to tune in and talk about their sport. With the NBA’s off-season the same as the NFL they dominate the topic of discussion as … Read More NBA Retirement Tour


Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!

June 18th was a fateful day in the rap community, not only did we lose, XXXTencacion, but also Jimmy Wopo, 21-year-old rapper was shot and killed in his own neighborhood in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He was recently signed to the music label Sledgren, and his producers are in tears. Wopo’s legal name, Travon Smart, has gone long by the wayside, as most know him by … Read More Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!


The NBA Experience

  We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be in the NBA, soar through the air and dunk sending fans into a frenzy, sink a baseline 3 with the games defining moments at hand, and even traveling around the country with your team competing for the ultimate prize. However, the clear majority of us lacking the size, skill, and ability to do so at … Read More The NBA Experience


This is crazy!! This incident is almost as strange as his face tats, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion or locally known as, Jahseh Onfroy, actually predicted his own death! He was killed yesterday during a robbery while he was leaving a motorsport car dealership. Men in a black SUV gunned him down at approximately 4:00 pm in Broward County, Florida. There is a ton of speculation … Read More XXXTENTACION WON’T BE GETTING THAT CAR….

Top 20 NBA Players in History

Written By: Austin Philippi   An in depth personal analysis on who has had the greatest careers in NBA history, some NBA players have been raised higher on this list because I’m going to project the rest of their individual careers and place in history. I used several key factors in deciding who was the better player including, Hardware, Dominance, Size, and overall basketball … Read More Top 20 NBA Players in History


Incredibles 2 Over-hyped

Written By: Austin Philippi Riding the high of a 14-year absence and longing by its fans Incredibles did what we all knew it would do and unseat Frozen as the biggest opening weekend in box office history. While I’m seeing mostly good things come out about the movie, I had a completely different take. Outside of Jack-Jack fighting the Racoon the movie just wasn’t … Read More Incredibles 2 Over-hyped

Best NBA Mock Draft

Written By: Austin Philippi A few years from now you will all look back and realize just how right all of the rankings are. This is the order I’d take the players in the upcoming draft and the reason each team with that pick would and should take that individual.     Mo Bamba – This young man has an 8’0 wingspan and while … Read More Best NBA Mock Draft


Is Ayton Really The #1 Pick?

Written By: Michael Welsh #1 Phoenix: Luka Doncic Luka has the most pure skill of any prospect in the draft and has dominated in the Euro-league which is the second toughest basketball league in the world. He is coming off a euro league MVP, as well as a euro basket championship where he led Slovenia along with Miami guard Goran Dragic to a first-place … Read More Is Ayton Really The #1 Pick?


Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?

Top JBA Players to Watch this Summer Written By: Austin Philippi Before I begin I wanted to state I’m rooting for each one of these young men to further their basketball careers to the best of their potential. All 64 JBA players have been given an amazing opportunity to show of their skill, teamwork, IQ, and natural ability on the biggest stage of their … Read More Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?



Anyone remember that song, Call Me Maybe, you know the one that was so overplayed that anytime it came on, you wanted to stab out your eyes. Well it seems not only did Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande hear that song, they took the lyrics to the maximum. They went from hey I just met you and this is crazy to here’s a ring … Read More Insta-gagement


LeBron Claims He’ll Play 23 NBA Seasons

Written By: Austin Philippi LeBron James will be the best player in the world until he retires at about age 41 after playing 23 NBA seasons. I believe LeBron wants to play long enough to play alongside his son for at least one NBA season. LeBron said once in GQ magazine that he’d like to play long enough to play with his son and … Read More LeBron Claims He’ll Play 23 NBA Seasons