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In the midst of this period of self-quarantine and isolation, many have turned to Netflix as a source of entertainment. And while there are more than enough US-based television shows at your disposal, there is one gem of a show that has been sweeping Asia during the last few months. Released on the South Korean channel tvN on December 14, 2019, Crash Landing on You, or “CLOY” as it is also called, reached an international audience upon its Netflix release on the same day. The show aired its season finale on February 16, 2020, and was well-received as a whole by audiences.

What is it about?

Crash Landing on You tells the story of an extremely rich South Korean CEO named Yoon Se-ri who mistakenly crash lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident. She meets Ri Jeong-hyuk, a former pianist and no-nonsense captain of the North Korean military. The pair fall in love amidst their journey to send Se-Ri back home safely without alerting the government, as they also realize their lives were more intertwined than they thought. The series’ main antagonist is Cho Cheol-gang, a corrupt member of the North Korean State Security Department whom Jeong-hyuk attempts to bring to justice. We also meet Gu Seung-joon, a South Korean con man who attempts to hide in North Korea, and Seo Dan, an upper class, North Korean woman who seems cold on the outside. Their relationships are all interconnected with one another as the show explores themes of destiny, fate, and serendipity.

Meet the Actors

The independent and unpredictable Yoon Se-ri is played by actress Son Ye-jin. Hailed as the “Queen of Melodramas” and as the “Box Office Queen” in South Korea, Ye-jin lightens up the show with her bubbly personality and exceptional acting skills. She’s able to convey a variety of emotions through her facial expressions alone, and is truly one of the best in Korea.

Meanwhile, the serious and disciplined Ri Jeong-hyuk is played by Hyun Bin, another skilled actor in his own right. Fittingly so, he’s also been crowned as the “Box Office King” of South Korea, and has taken on a plethora of different roles over the course of his acting career.

The pair have previously worked together on another film called “The Negotiation”, an action crime thriller. As the two played negotiator and kidnapper, they had to film their scenes in separate locations, albeit at the same time. Both actors expressed their interest in acting with one another once more, and they received their wish with this popular k-drama.

Why should you watch it

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical myself before watching Crash Landing on You, considering it was my first k-drama as well. I was already well-aware of the show’s hype and popularity, but after giving it a try, I have no regrets at all. One of the main reasons of this show’s excellence is that it covers so many different genres, and it covers it well.

The romance between the leads is phenomenal, and the chemistry between the two actors is off-the-charts. The two seem to have a great relationship behind-the-scenes, and it really shows, resulting in a truly heartfelt and believable relationship between the two characters. The show impressively balances the conflict between the possibility of their relationship, and the physical conflict between Cho Cheol-gang and the protagonists. Furthermore, having a soldier as one of its protagonists, it’s no secret that Crash Landing on You has its fair share of intense, well-executed action sequences. Add on it’s hilarious quips, lighthearted banter, and the overall comedic skill on its actors, CLOY is truly a show that has it all.

Final Remarks

So, there’s my argument. If you are feeling bored, I highly encourage you to give Crash Landing on You a try. This show has the right blend of romance, action, comedy, and drama, a phenomenal cast, and a creative and well-executed plot from start to finish. This isn’t something I usually write about, but after watching this show, I had to get everyone else to watch it.

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