It’s been more than a month since NBA 2K20 released worldwide, and while the game has been subject to a lot of criticism due to its many bugs, the game’s MyTeam mode looks pretty great.

Tokens were first introduced in NBA 2K19 as a new currency that is usable in the Token Market. There are 7 tiers to the Token Market, ranging from Emerald (costing 3 tokens per card) to Galaxy Opal (costing 750 tokens per card).

We covered the best emerald token rewards in our previous article, so make sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

To move on to the Ruby tier, a player must purchase 10 Sapphire token rewards cards. This list will help with making your picks easier by going in-depth into the best Sapphire players available per position that can definitely help your team improve. With that being said, let’s get started.

PG: Michael Carter-Williams

Height and Weight: 6’6″, 190 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 87 Driving layup
  • 81 Ball handle
  • 74 Speed & Acceleration
  • 72 Perimeter defense
  • 70 Shot Mid
  • Gold Contact Finisher
  • Gold Acrobat
  • Gold Space Creator
  • Bronze Quick First Step

Admittedly, this card’s stats don’t look the best. Just like in real life, he lacks a consistent jumper. He should still be able to get to the rim by using his size and decent enough speed rating. Carter-Williams is a great finisher inside, and should have no provlem clamping up smaller point guards on the perimeter.

Robert Pack is a pretty good substitute as well, as he is able to drive to the rim or hit the three pointer. He is only 6’2″, but his athleticism could potentially make up for it. He may have problems defending bigger and faster guards, but his speed and dunking ability should make it easier for him to drive to the basket.

In terms of other substitutes, the recently released Sapphire Spotlight Rewards Isiah Thomas is a great add to the team, being able to evolve into a diamond. Moreover, the base versions of John Wall and De’Aaron Fox are great options as well who play similarly to MCW. Still, among the Sapphire token options, Carter-Williams is the best point guard available.

SG: John Starks

Height and Weight: 6’3″, 180 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 88 Shot 3pt
  • 86 Perimeter Defense
  • 85 Shot Mid
  • 80 Speed
  • 77 Driving Dunk
  • 75 Ball Handle
  • Gold Catch & Shoot
  • Gold Difficult Shots
  • Gold Clamps
  • Gold Relentless Finisher

Starks may be shorter in comparison to most shooting guards, but do not let that fool you. This card is one of the best two-way guards in the game, being capable of scoring and defending at a pretty good level. He has a high driving dunk rating for his height, and has an above average open 3pt rating to boot. He can handle the ball pretty well, and his defense is great as well.

The other sapphire token rewards aren’t too good, with options like Larry Hughes, Nick Anderson and Sarunas Marciulionis. Among the 4 however, Starks is the best all-around shooting guard. Nick Anderson is a great choice as well, proving to be a capable scorer in his own right. I would pick Starks for his defense, but the choice is honestly up to you.

Then again, I would still recommend the Spotlight Rewards Dwyane Wade and Clyde Drexler cards, especially since you can evolve them to higher tiers. They also are taller, and can slash to the basket better. However, both of those cards cannot shoot as well as Starks. If you need a 3-and-D guy, John Starks should be your sapphire token reward pick.

SF: Andre Iguodala

Height and Weight: 6’6″, 215 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 85 Driving dunk
  • 84 Perimeter defense
  • 74 Ball Control
  • 72 Speed
  • 69 Shot 3pt
  • Gold Quick Draw
  • Gold Ankle Breaker
  • Gold Clamps
  • Gold Intimidator

Athleticism? Check. Defense? Check. This card has the right combination of slashing ability and defense, and that’s not even considering his above average playmaking ability for a forward. Iguodala’s animations are amazing, and he should be able contribute to your team even without scoring. He can clamp up players like LeBron and KD, throw down some nasty dunks, and even hit some threes from time to time. He’s arguably the best 3-and-D sapphire card in the game, so pick him up.

The sapphire small forwards in the token market aren’t too good, with Toni Kukoc, Ricky Pierce and Kenny Walker being the three other options. Among the others, I would personally take Walker as he boasts a 95 driving dunk rating, while Pierce is severely undersized despite his shooting stats. Kukoc is tall and has excellent shooting stats, but he may be too slow for some players’ preferences.

If you haven’t already picked them up, sapphire Gerald Green (15 wins on Triple Threat Offline) and sapphire Cedric Ceballos (collector level reward) are pretty good substitutes. Iguodala is a much better base card in my opinion, but the two previously mentioned rewards cards can evolve into a ruby, so there’s that. He’s the best sapphire token reward small forward, and one of the best sapphire forwards in general.

PF: Christian Laettner

Height and Weight: 6’10”, 235 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 89 Post Hook
  • 88 Shot Mid
  • 86 Post Moves
  • 84 Post Fade
  • 83 Interior Defense
  • Gold Catch & Shoot
  • Gold Corner Specialist
  • Gold Post Spin Technician
  • Gold Rim Protector

If you need a PF that can score from the post, this is your card. Laettner is one of the best Sapphire post players in the game, and can even stretch the floor with his deadly midrange. He’s not athletic by any means, but his defense is pretty decent, making him the best power forward available in the Sapphire token market.

Jeff Foster, Kenyon Martin, and Paul Silas are also decent substitutes, but I’m afraid Laettner is still the definite pick. Foster is only good at rebounding the ball, while Martin shows offensive prowess with his good athleticism and inside scoring despite being 6’9″. Meanwhile, Silas is a pretty good defender and rebounder, and can score a little, but not as good as Laettner can.

Sapphire Kristaps Porzingis is a great card to pick up, being a 7’3″ PF who can hit threes and block shots. The Sapphire Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki spotlight rewards are great fours to use instead of Laettner, especially since they evolve into an amethyst and a diamond, respectively. However, in terms of sapphires, Laettner is my pick as the best 4 available.

C: Gheorge Muresan

Height and Weight: 7’7″, lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 92 Strength
  • 87 Block
  • 85 Shot Close
  • 85 Rebounding
  • 80 Post Hook
  • 80 Standing Dunk
  • Gold Backdown Punisher
  • Gold Dropstepper
  • Gold Putback Boss
  • Gold Intimidator
  • Gold Rim Protector
  • Gold Brick Wall

This card is insane. Muresan is the tallest player in the game at the moment which means that there aren’t many players available who can stop him. He’s unstoppable in the post, and can rebound the ball almost every possession. In fact, this card was so overpowered that they had to nerf his stats a few weeks ago.

If tall centers aren’t your thing, Raef Lafrentz is your best (secondary) choice. He can hit the three pointer, which Muresan can’t do. However, Gheorge is a much better rim protector, finisher, and rebounder. Seriously, just pick him.

The other centers available in the token market are pretty decent as well. Aside from Lafrentz, Dikembe Mutombo and Javale McGee are both available as well, providing defense and athleticism, respectively. It’s hard to see another replacement to Muresan though, but big men such as Kristaps Porzingis (Sapphire) and Rik Smits (Ruby) are both viable solutions who can stretch the floor much better.

Thanks for reading! Have you picked anyone else up? Have any suggestions for the best ruby token rewards? Tweet them at us @UniqueSportplus on Twitter, and follow for more content!

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