Everyone remembers Lamelo Ball being taken out of school at the start of his junior year to begin his pro career overseas, and then he made his return to High School in such a manner that he vaulted back up the NBA draft boards. However it seems as if Lamelo didn’t actually take classes at Spire institute, so he wasn’t exactly completing his senior year scholastically. Melo had hopes of playing college ball but that was clearly for their reality TV show as he didn’t actually graduate high school so even if he was eligible for college he wouldn’t have been able to go as high school dropout.

This is something i had speculated for a while as Lamelo didn’t do home schooling and it was unlikely he finished his junior and senior level courses during his time at spire to be able to graduate. It was confirmed by Alan Foster in a recent YouTube video. While i don’t agree with everything that foster says in the video it is notable to mention that Lamelo Ball did likely never finished High School. Which will make him the first american born NBA player to never finish High School before entering the NBA when he gets drafted in 2020.

Lamelo Ball is still one of the top prospects. but having skipped the 8th grade to start his school career, and skipping his junior and senior year to go pro it is evident Lamelo’s sole interest is basketball and playing at the highest level he possibly can. He’s had a rocky start shooting the ball in Australia but has still impressed scouts enough to make him a guaranteed lottery pick and even the possible number one pick depending on how the lottery balls fall.

Lamelo’s route was unique and different from the NBA players before him, but seeing as he was the most famous high school basketball player ever it is fitting that his route was very different than the rest of the stars before him. I don’t think him graduating high school or not affects his draft capital in the slightest but it is going to be a first in the NBA circle, we’ve had players come from overseas programs, had players rise through the g-league, we’ve seen players come straight from high school, and we’ve seen college players both 4 years and one and done’s become NBA stars. Will we now see the first high school dropout be an NBA superstar?

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  1. fake new Lloyd Daniels accomplished that feat more than 20 years ago

  2. fake new Lloyd Daniels accomplished that feat more than 25 years ago

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