With early struggles and injuries to Aaron Brooks and others for the Hawks it is possible Gelo could find himself playing alongside his Younger brother in Australia. However. the goal for the Ball family is still to get all three brothers in the NBA and even hopefully on the same team. There were already rumors the Pelicans and Thunder were going to give Liangelo a shot in summer league and with injuries plaguing their roster the Pelicans look like a possibility as a destination for Gelo to possibly prove himself. While this is still unlikely this season, it could be very possible in the near future for a lottery bound team to give Gelo a second look as he continues to impress in workouts post ankle surgery.

The Hawks however are the likely suitor for Liangelo to further prove himself, as Lamelo is being touted a top pick in next year’s draft. If Gelo can prove himself an efficient scorer in Australia it could help land him a summer league roster spot alongside his youngest brother after he is drafted in 2020. Liangelo has been a top scorer in virtually every league and stage of basketball he’s competed in. He’s taken a less than favorable route in his hopes of making an NBA roster but his chances of making the league are still higher than many would believe.



The Pelicans, Warriors, and Knicks could all be possible destinations for Liangelo Ball this summer, the Pelicans and Warriors could use his services this season as they are both plagued with injuries and likely lottery bound anyway.It could just be a matter of time before we see all three Ball brothers in the NBA. With growing speculation that the Warriors could draft Lamelo Ball this upcoming season to play alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson it may be a real possibility that Gelo ends up in a Golden State uniform this season.

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