We all remember Draymond green saying “we won without you, we don’t need you” during a game to Kevin Durant early last season. Many speculated that would be the  end of Kevin Durant in Golden State, and it looks like that is exactly what happened, as Kevin Durant went on to say “when a teammate talks to you like that, you  think about it.” Not only did Golden State learn the hard way they needed Kevin Durant to beat the Raptors, it is also worth speculating they would still only have one NBA title if it wasn’t for Kevin Durant joining their team. Hear the interview for yourself where Kevin Durant tells Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman that Draymond played a role in him leaving for Brooklyn.

Clealry there was bad blood between KD and some of the warriors roster, and now the organization after he felt rushed and compelled to rejoin the Warriors during the NBA Finals in which he tore his Achilles. We will have to wait a full year to see KD Vs. Draymond in a game to see if this beef is still ongoing.

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