It’s been 2 weeks since NBA 2K20 released worldwide, and while the game has been subject to a lot of criticism due to its many bugs, the game’s MyTeam mode looks pretty great.

Tokens were first introduced in NBA 2K19 as a new currency that is usable in the Token Market. There are 7 tiers to the Token Market, ranging from Emerald (costing 3 tokens per card) to Galaxy Opal (costing 750 tokens per card).

To move on to the Sapphire tier, a player must purchase 10 Emerald token rewards cards. This list will help with making your picks easier by going in-depth into the best Emerald players available per position that can definitely help your team improve. With that being said, let’s get started.

PG: Bob Sura

Height and Weight: 6’5″, 200 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 85 Driving Dunk
  • 85 Ball Handle
  • 80 Speed & Acceleration
  • 79 Shot Mid
  • 78 Shot 3pt
  • Gold Quick First Step
  • Gold Downhill
  • Gold Catch & Shoot
  • Gold Space Creator
  • Gold Volume Shooter

Among the six available options, 2 of them are undersized guards and 2 of them are tall guards. It really depends on which card you feel comfortable with, and what play style you prefer your primary ball handler to possess. If you want a sharpshooter, Steve Kerr is your best bet. Ignoring the offense, Rondo is an above average defender and playmaker, despite being undersized. Ron Harper is 6’6″ and is great at defense, but his scoring leaves much to be desired. In my opinion, Bob Sura is the best all-around Emerald token reward point guard you could pick.

This card is amazing. The point guard position in the Emerald token market is pretty weak, with the exception of Sura. Sura is a tall point guard who can both drive to the rim and shoot the three. There are only a handful of taller point guards that are available right now, but only a few have the all-around game of Sura.

With his height and the Quick First Step badge, Sura is able to blow by smaller defenders with ease. His jumper is also pretty easy to time, and his three point ratings help with that as well. He’s an above average defender who can certainly defend against smaller guards, which makes him a perfect, all-around player to add to your squad!

SG: Isaiah Rider

Height and Weight: 6’5″, 215 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 93 Driving Dunk
  • 83 Shot 3pt
  • 82 Speed
  • 80 Shot Mid
  • 76 Ball Handle
  • Gold Space Creator
  • Gold Difficult Shots
  • Gold Lob City Finisher
  • Silver Catch & Shoot
  • Bronze Ankle Breaker

To be fair, all of the shooting guards in the Emerald token market are pretty good. Athletic slashers like Jason Richardson and Victor Oladipo can drive to the rim and throw it down. Sharpshooters like Tim Legler (95 Shot 3pt!) and David Wesley can both hit some threes. Jamal Crawford can easily break down defenders with his dribble moves and hit the mid-range, or drive to the rim for an acrobatic layup.

Despite all of this, I believe that the best card out of the bunch is Isaiah Rider’s. His build is pretty decent for his position, but he makes use of his athleticism to attack the paint. Rider’s strongest attribute comes from the fact that can easily drive to the rim and dunk the ball. With an above average three point rating, Rider can hit the occasional pull-up three, and should have a pretty easy jumper to time (though it may be too fast due to his Quick Draw badge). He’s not the best ball handler and defender, but his athleticism and badges make him a threat on the fast break.

If you need an all-around shooting guard that can score at will, Rider is your guy. Aside from the token market, picking up the free Spotlight Series Dwyane Wade card may be a more appealing option, especially considering he can evolve into an Amethyst. Nonetheless, Rider is still a great backup option.

SF: Luol Deng

Height and Weight: 6’9″, 237 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 83 Perimeter Defense
  • 79 Shot 3pt
  • 74 Shot Mid
  • 66 Speed
  • Gold Catch & Shoot
  • Gold Corner Specialist
  • Gold Clamps
  • Gold Pickpocket
  • Gold Tireless Defender

The small forwards available in the Emerald token reward market are pretty decent, with Darius Miles being the best available among the ones not chosen in my opinion. Miles is the worst shooter among the bunch, but makes up for hit with his insane athleticism and dunking ability. His defense is pretty decent as well, and he can also handle the ball to an extent.

This one may have been a biased pick, but that doesn’t mean this card isn’t that good. I believe that Luol Deng is the best choice among the small forwards, simply due to his defense. You don’t need him to score the ball and drop 30, but you need a guy who can clamp up the opposing team’s forward and knock down the open three. This card has the stats to do so, in addition to a pretty easy release.

If you’re looking for a better, non-token reward substitute, look no further than the Evolution Sapphire Gerald Green rewards card that you receive after 15 wins in Triple Threat Offline. He has a similar Shot 3pt rating to Deng and an insane 90 driving dunk, though his defense isn’t as good. Green can also evolve into a ruby, which should be a better long-term option.

PF: Brian Scalabrine

Height and Weight: 6’9″, 241 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 86 Free Throw
  • 85 Shot 3pt
  • 81 Shot Mid
  • 65 Steal
  • Gold Catch & Shoot
  • Gold Corner Specialist
  • Gold Pick & Popper
  • Gold Steady Shooter
  • Gold Tireless Shooter

It’s time to welcome the G.O.A.T. into your lineup.

The emerald token rewards available don’t have a ton of great options. Ryan Anderson is a great stretch 4, while Clark Kellogg is one of the best emerald post scorers available, but that’s pretty much it.

Which is why the decision to pickup Scal was so much easier. He has a great Shot 3pt rating and a consistent release, making him a dominant pick-and-pop target. His defensive stats aren’t too good, but he should be able to decently stay on his opponents. His inside scoring, playmaking and athleticism are all below average, but a stretch 4 doesn’t need that. He’s great at getting open for threes (and knocking them down), and he’s BRIAN SCALABRINE. Cop him now.

Ryan Anderson is pretty much a taller version of this card, but Scal has better playmaking and defensive stats. He also comes with 1 more gold badge than Ryan. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter who you prefer, but it really should be the White Mamba.

C: Boban Marjanovic

Height and Weight: 7’3″, 290 lbs

Notable Stats:

  • 95 Standing Dunk
  • 88 Rebounding
  • 86 Strength
  • 84 Block
  • 78 Shot Mid
  • Gold Brick Wall
  • Silver Intimidator

There are a plethora of great centers to choose from in the Emerald token market. From traditional centers like DeMarcus Cousins and Darryl Dawkins, to giants like Shawn Bradley and Zhou Qi, any one of these 4 centers could be as good of a choice. However, I believe that Boban Marjanovic is the best choice.

Boban is 7’3″, placing himself right between Bradley and Qi in terms of height. He’s much stronger compared to the other two, giving him an advantage in both offense and defense in the paint. He also has the same Shot Mid rating as Zhou Qi, giving him the unique ability to pick-and-pop and hit the occasional midrange every now and then.

If you’re looking for more of a tall, defensive rim protector who can easily score inside, you may opt to pick Bradley for his 7’6″ height. If you’re looking for a better stretch big, Qi would work as well, as he can even hit threes at a decent rate (72 Shot 3pt). I’d like to think of Marjanovic as the in-between of the two centers.

Thanks for reading! Have you picked anyone else up? Have any suggestions for the best sapphire token rewards? Tweet them at us @UniqueSportplus on Twitter, and follow for more content!


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