Are you ready? NBA 2K20, the latest installment of 2K Sports’s hit video game series comes out in just a few hours! Over the past few weeks, 2K has released a bunch of sneak peeks, ranging from the likes of developer blogs, gameplay footage and trailers in order to hype up the crowd. With that being said, it’s time to look at 25 of the best new features so far!

Just like last year’s article, I will be breaking this list down into 4 parts, corresponding to the 4 main aspects of NBA 2K games.

  • MyCareer/MyPARK – Create your own player and journey to become the very best!
  • MyTeam – Form your fantasy team by collecting virtual cards of different players, past or present!
  • MyLeague/MyGM – Take control of a franchise and win some championships!
  • Gameplay and Other Features – PlayNow, new gameplay features, and more!


With an all-new player creator system and a new, star-studded storyline, expect a lot of fun to be had in this year’s MyCareer and MyPARK game mode!

New Player Creator System

The archetype system has been removed, and has now been replaced by this brand new system. Choose between pie charts that will give a gist of your custom player’s skill set.

Choose his height, weight, physical profile and athletic attributes, assign skill caps for your player, select a takeover (based on your stats), assign your own badges that you wish to unlock throughout your playthrough, and test out your build. Select an overall and play in a scrimmage using your own created player after receiving a player comparison for your build!

New Storyline

Last year, NBA 2K players controlled “AI”. His journey began in China, moved on to the G-League, and then the NBA, where dreams happen. This year, you play as “Che”, a 4-year college player who controversially sits out the NCAA finals in response to injustices by the coach. Play through the NBA Draft Combine and team workouts to get scouts to notice you and get drafted! Produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s Springhill Entertainment, this star-studded storyline features performances from celebrities such as Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson and Thomas Middleditch, among others. Do you have what it takes to be next?

Improved Neighborhood + New Minigames

The Neighborhood has been upgraded for NBA 2K20! While it still generally looks the same (at least based on the screenshots so far), NBA 2K has teased a wider variety of minigames and challenges available to play. The Under Armour cages are expected to return, however, the stores’ placement and content may be subject to change.

Mini-games like dodgeball are back, while new mini-games like frisbee have been added into the game.

Seasons have also been added into the game, which means that you can expect the look of the Neighborhood to change every few months or so, depending on the season!

MyRep Progression

MyRep progression is back! Rank up through the tiers in order to unlock certain benefits! Become a pro, all-star, superstar and legend by winning games in MyCareer or MyPARK!


Words cannot explain how hyped I am for MyTeam this year, take a look at these 10 improvements to the MyTeam mode!

What Stayed the Same


From both the trailer and the developer blog, it appears as if the card tiers are staying the same from last year, with Galaxy Opals returning for the 99 overall cards. Additionally, tokens and the token market will be returning to MyTeam, giving players another opportunity claim new rewards cards through a different method.

In addition, MyTeam Unlimited will be back, which means that players will still be trying to go 12-0 in order to try to acquire Player of the Month cards.

Locker codes will also be back, but the ball drop will look significantly different from NBA 2K19.

Evolution Cards


Evolution cards are a brand new addition to the MyTeam game mode, with select cards having the ability to be upgraded after certain requirements are achieved. As seen in the photo above, a 2-star Tracy McGrady card and a 5-star Dwyane Wade card (which will be discussed later) are available for upgrade. One major example of this are the starter packs that are given immediately after the mode is opened.


Derrick Rose, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and Hakeem Olajuwon are the 5 choices for the starter pack player, which are evolution cards. In previous years, starter packs usually gave a free agent card that would be used up after 5 games. This year, these 5 players can further be upgraded to help your team.


Upon achieving the necessary requirements, the card can “evolve”, moving up one tier. Each evolution card has a certain amount of tiers that they can move up into, as determined by the number of stars present on their card.

YouTuber Kristopher London using a Sapphire Tracy McGrady as seen in the NBA 2K20 MyTeam Trailer

The starter cards mentioned above have 2 stars, which most likely means that the highest tier they can reach would be the ruby tier, from the emerald base tier, as used by YouTuber Kristopher London in the latest 2K20 MyTeam trailer.


The Isaiah Thomas card shown above has 3 stars, showing the upgrade potential to reach the Galaxy Opal form from an amethyst base. This will be interesting, especially for sellable cards. The developer blog mentions the dynamic of buying base cards, upgrading them, then selling them back for a more expensive price.

Spotlight Cards


The NBA 2K20 MyTeam trailer reveals that the Throwback/Historic collections will be replaced by the all-new Spotlight cards.

The Spotlight Collection is a series of releases (replaces Throwbacks, which have been retired) where we pick a different ‘Spotlight’ player to focus on in each release. Our very first Spotlight release will be on launch day, September 6th, and will feature cover athlete Dwyane Wade.

That’s right. The very first release of the collection, entitled “Spotlight Series I: Dwyane Wade”. The 5-star Dwyane Wade card we saw earlier in the evolution menu most likely comes from this set.


This will always come with its own set of challenges that allow you to relive epic moments from The Flash’s basketball career. These include his insane 2006 Finals run and his 2010 All-Star Game MVP performance.


Completing all 17 challenges earns the reward of a Diamond Alonzo Mourning card, which was described as “overpowered”. Furthermore, collecting all rewards from the Series 1 Mega Set (such as the Alonzo Mourning card) will give the player an elite collection reward.

Legacy Showcase Cards

This is essentially another version of the Showcase cards, but it will focus on underrated legends from NBA history. Players like Earl Monroe, Nate Archibald and Jerry Sloan will all be explored, and collecting a set of these players will unlock another insane reward.


Similar to the 20th Anniversary collections last year, this new set will have 3 subsets, with each series set containing 5 cards each. Each series can be locked in, in order to unlock a collection reward. PRIME Series I’s collection reward has already been revealed to be a GALAXY OPAL Ray Allen! This set will feature the greatest players from NBA history and some NBA 2K fan favorites such as J.R. Smith.

Redesigned Heat Check Cards


Heat Check cards get a new mechanic for NBA 2K20, where the boost received by a card will now only depend on the player’s previous game. This means that it does not matter if a player was cold for 2 weeks, but if he suddenly drops 60, he’s getting an activated Heat Check card. As you can also see in the picture above, there are now 3 different versions of an activated Heat Check card, instead of the 1 from last year.

Redesigned Domination and Triple Threat


Domination now gives you the option to choose your difficulty, with easy mode giving you 1 star per victory, and hard mode giving you the full 3 stars. Just like NBA 2K18, Domination will consist of three versions with Current Teams, Historic Teams, and All-Time Teams serving as the main competitors. Defeating All-Time Domination will earn the player a Pink Diamond Shawn Kemp that will surely be a great addition to one’s squad.

The developer diary mentions another thing about evolution cards, where a player will be earning lower-tier evolution cards throughout domination that won’t necessarily stay on a person’s team. However, a special collection reward will be able upon obtaining the maximum evolution of the given cards, along with completing all of domination. Obtain a Pink Diamond Jason Richardson that can evolve into a Galaxy Opal!



For Triple Threat Offline, the teams you face will now be 3 randomly selected cards from the cards that have been released up to that point, instead of pre-determined lineups. Winning games are now the primary way to unlock new cards, with the grand prize being a Galaxy Opal Dominique Wilkins (unlockable at 1000 wins). You also have a chance to spin the wheel and potentially get prizes like tokens, MT points, packs and even cards!

Triple Threat Online basically follows the same thing, with the ball drop returning on a crazier, pinball-looking board (with 10 different variations) and a chance at spinning the slot machine to earn jackpot prizes. Prizes will update after a period of time, so there will always be new cards to grind for!

Daily Login Bonuses


NBA 2K20 finally gives us daily login bonuses. While the prizes may seem small, logging into the mode for 7 straight days will give you the chance to win a special card! For the first week, players will be given a chance to acquire a 90 overall Steve Nash card, if they log in for all 7 days in a week.

Today in MyTeam and the Community Hub

Today in MyTeam events are essentially allotted time slots that have special bonuses for specific game modes in MyTeam. One such example is the one shown above, “Token Mania”, in which players can receive 1 bonus token for every domination win that took place during the shown times.

The community hub was also shown in the main menu of MyTeam, serving as an avenue for players to interact with MyTeam developers. Here you will find Tips and Tricks Videos, Leaderboards, Community Polls, Ask a Developer platforms, and other featured information (Team of the Week, New Moments, New Dynamic Duos, etc.).

Dynamic Goals

We were also given a sneak peek at the all-new Dynamic Goals. In the trailer, this dynamic goal, in which the player has to use this Kyle Lowry card to record a 15-point, 10-assist stat line to earn 350 MT, popped unto the screen after the Lowry card was pulled. It should be interesting to see if the challenges, and rewards, increase as the year goes on.

Position Locks


After a year of running oversized power forwards at point guard cheese, NBA 2K has finally decided to implement position locks. Players can now only be played in their primary and secondary positions. One example of which is this spotlight elite Alonzo Mourning card that can be played at both the power forward and center positions. Say goodbye to Andrei Kirilenko at PG, or Giannis Antetokounmpo at C, because this new addition is set to make MyTeam Unlimited less rage inducing for sure.



MyLeague/MyGM has always been fun in NBA 2K, giving players the opportunity to rebuild and take control of all of the teams in the NBA (and now, the WNBA as well!)

Action Points


For MyGM, you will now be given a certain amount of action points per day that will allow you to improve team morale, chemistry, and relations, or make roster and staff changes.

Score and Leaderboards


Players will now have a score for how well their MyGM is going, and leaderboards will be updated to see how well you fare compared to everyone else!

Skill Tree and New Leveling System


The Skill Tree allows GMs to level up attributes that would allow them to potentially negotiate better contracts, organize better trades, sign better free agents and so on. Additionally, each MyGM save file begins at Level 1, with each level having more and more benefits to make your MyGM experience all the more easier.

More Decisions, New Storyline


A new storyline has been put in for MyGM, with new characters and plot points. Furthermore, the relationship system between you and other members of your franchise has been upgraded, so keep a look out for a much more seamless and realistic conversation next time you talk to your team owner or coach.

Improved Player DNA

Player DNA has improved, with more slots, options and settings, basically allowing for an easier time with roster creation and player importing/exporting.

Improved Autogenerated Draft Classes

Fictional, auto generated draft classes have now improved to be much more realistic. Make sure to draft well by properly utilizing the scouting section of MyLeague/MyGM in order to draft your next big star!

Gameplay and Other Features

Here you can find the miscellaneous changes the game has brought!




NBA Live did it last year, but it looks like NBA 2K has done it better. The WNBA is now accessible for both PlayNow and MyLeague/MyGM. Play as your favorite WNBA stars as you take on your opponents, or rebuild teams in order to win a championship!

New Badges

Some badges have been removed, some badges have been added, and some badges have been renamed or combined. There are even more badges in this year’s NBA 2K game, with fan favorites such as Posterizer and Limitless Range no longer existing. This year, the OP badges seem to include Range Extender (Limitless Range), Contact Finisher (Posterizer for layups and dunks), Quick First Step (easier to blow-by), and Quick Draw (faster release), among others.

Improved Player Movement and AI


2K has mentioned about how they improved their motion engine, which should lead to more realistic gameplay. Hopefully we don’t have to see players helping off Kevin Durant and leaving him open in the corner anymore!

Improved Handles and “Read-and-react” Defense


Dribble moves and ball handling mechanics have been improved, according to NBA 2K developers. It seems to be much more realistic, and takes away more stamina. Don’t expect to see players constantly spamming dribble moves anymore!


Defensive mechanics have also been improved, with read-and-react defense being a known added mechanic. This allows the user to read the opponent’s offensive strategy, see how contested a shot is, and so on. This should incentivize on-ball defense in user vs user matchups.

6 NEW Classic Teams + All-Decade Teams

Lastly, 6 new classic teams have been added into NBA 2K20, including

    2002-03 Phoenix Suns (Stephon Marbury, Shawn Marion, Amar’e Stoudemire)
    2006-07 Washington Wizards (Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler)
    2009-10 Portland Trailblazers (Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden)
    2013-14 San Antonio Spurs (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili)
    2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers (Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan)
    2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love)

Additionally, NBA 2K has also added All-Decade teams. You can now take on Jordan, Magic, Bird and the 1980’s team with LeBron, Durant, Curry and the 2010’s team to see who would emerge victorious!

That’s it for NBA 2K20’s 25 Newest Features! Are you excited for the game’s release? Follow us @UniqueSportplus on Twitter for more content like this!

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