D’Angleo Russell and his camp have apparently been attempting to schedule a meeting with the Lakers front office but it seems there hasn’t been an exact date set.

What I take from this is Kawhi is the Lakers #1 option and DLO and his representatives know this. However the reason(s) why D’Angelo still wants to be a Laker after they have traded him and are currently making him a second option is pretty simple. Money.

While the Lakers can’t offer the most money in terms of Cap Space or Annual dollars they can offer something no other franchise can. Which is being a Los Angeles Laker, going to the Lakers this summer when his Sneaker Free Agency Just happens to be this summer as well will give him added leverage when negotiating a new sneaker deal.

Signing with the Lakers will give him a boost in terms of sponsorships and overall money earned in his career off Court. Not to mention the fact that if he wins a championship or multiple with the Lakers he will grow his brand even more and will sell more shoes than in any other market. The BEST Spot for DLO’s Career is Los Angeles and he KNOWS this, that’s why he will be more than willing to not only wait to see if the Lakers strike out on Kawhi, but he will also be willing to help the Lakers Get other pieces to build around them by allowing them to add incentives into his contract, Such as a $3M Playoff Bonus.



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