Lavar Ball came onto the set of Undisputed and dropped some major news revlolving around his middle son. The middle Ball brother (Liangelo) who many people believe to be the least talented and likely to make it on an NBA roster has to forgo possibly entering the summer league this season or joining another Pro Team overseas. Instead Liangelo just had surgery on his ankle and is going to use the next year to rehab and get his body right for the summer of 2020 when Lamelo and Liangelo attempt to enter the NBA at the same time.

Lavar has long stated he wants all 3 sons on the Lakers and while that seems very unlikely at this point, I can’t help but get the feeling Lamelo, Liangelo, and Lonzo were meant to team up in the NBA and provide story lines and ratings in the Post Lebron era. With Lamelo sprouting up to 6’8 and becoming a coveted young prospect for the NBA it’s only a matter of time before we see all 3 brothers on an NBA roster; and possibly even the same team.

Lavar also was quoted saying in Ball in the Family saying in response to Jaden (Gelo’s girlfriend) choosing Lamelo or Liangelo in basketball, “you may need to revevalutae that one son, I’m taking you, I’m rolling with you”. Lavar clearly believes in his middle son as he’s one of the first names he mentions when he gets onto any media outlet or show. He believes in Liangelo so much it’s resly starting to making me believe, if we can all agree Lavar is anything he is infectious. Now wither that is good or bad is for you to decide. But I can’t help but think how the Ball Family is going to run the NBA in short order.

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