The latest signature series packs from NBA 2K19 MyTeam consists of the “Black Mamba” himself, Kobe Bryant, available in Amethyst, Diamond, Pink Diamond, Galaxy Opal, and Limited Galaxy Opal.

The previous Signature Series promo packs, which brought MyTeam players a chance to obtain different versions of Michael Jordan, also brought the first ever card in NBA 2K19 MyTeam to have ALL attributes at the maximum rating of 99. Similarly, the latest promo packs featuring the Black Mamba include a 92 overall Amethyst Kobe, a 94 overall Diamond Kobe, a 98 overall Pink Diamond Kobe, a 99 overall Galaxy Opal Kobe, and a 99 overall Limited Galaxy Opal Kobe, with the stats maxed out. This insanely overpowered card is limited to only 81 cards per console, which means that only 81 lucky MyTeam players can get their hands on this cheat code.


Similarly to the Michael Jordan Signature Series packs, these brand new Kobe packs also cost 7,500 VC per pack (10,500 MT per pack). A 10-pack box will cost 67,500 VC, and cannot be purchased with MT. Lastly, a 20-pack box will cost 135,000 VC, and also cannot be bought with MT. The latter two bundle offers will result in a much more cost-efficient way for you to rip open some packs, with the end result being around 6,750 VC per pack, compared to the normal price.

Notable Stats:

  • 99 in every, single attribute. ALL OF THEM.

This card is nearly impossible to get, with only 81 of them available for players to get. If you do manage to get your hands on this beast of a card, consider yourself lucky. All of his stats are maxed out, and he boasts 30 HOF badges, including favorites like HOF Posterizer and HOF Limitless Range.


Notable Stats:

  • 99 Open Mid
  • 98 Open Three
  • 98 Driving Dunk
  • 98 Defending
  • 97 Speed and Acceleration
  • 95 Ball Control

This card is absolutely insane as well, if you aren’t able to pick up the limited Kobe. He’s one of the best offensive cards in the game, capable of scoring from everywhere on the court. He comes equipped with 20 HOF badges, including HOF Limtless Range, Posterizer, Ankle Breaker, and more.


Notable Stats:

  • 97 Open Mid
  • 97 Driving Dunk
  • 95 Open Three
  • 95 Speed and Acceleration
  • 95 Defending
  • 90 Ball Control

This card is no slouch as well, and should be way, way, way cheaper than the previous two. He should come with insane animations, to add on to his already impressive stats. He has HOF Posterizer as well, but only has gold limitless range. Either way, he should be a great addition to your team.


Notable Stats:

  • 95 Driving Dunk
  • 93 Speed and Acceleration
  • 91 Defending
  • 90 Open Mid
  • 90 Ball Control
  • 85 Open Three

Obviously this card isn’t as good as the other ones, but it should be much cheaper. He still has Kobe’s cheesy animations, easy release, and insane slashing stats. He doesn’t have the cheesy HOF badges anymore, but he has a ton of useful gold badges that would help him be great in budget squads.


Notable Stats:

  • 95 Driving Dunk
  • 93 Speed and Acceleration
  • 90 Ball Control
  • 87 Defending
  • 85 Open Mid
  • 80 Open Three

Lastly we have Kobe’s amethyst card, with the card art coming from his historic final game. He’s not as good of a shooter compared to the other cards, but he should still be a great slasher (despite the card art coming from his last game). He is a must cop for budget squads, or those who are just beginning the game.

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