Lamelo Ball already did himself plenty of favors by returning to High School, and showing off his talents and overall growth in his game against kids his age. However it still wasn’t good enough for naysayers and many “Experts” who tried to rank and scout Lamelo for the NBA Draft.


However, NBA Scouts have been throughly impressed with what they’ve seen from Lamelo Ball. Additionally multiple media outlets have risen Lamelo’s Mock Draft ranking to a projected Lottery Pick. In multiple cases he’s even projected to be a Top 3 Pick in the 2020 Draft by the outlets who have watched and covered the cat majority of his games.


However it isn’t just scouts opinions on Lamelo that has caused his recent spike p the draft boards. The most compelling argument for why Lamelo could end up being the number 1 Pick in 2020 is the fact he has sprouted all the way up to 6’8. Yes he is currently a 6’8 Point Guard, with the sort of length and playmaking availing at the PG position we’ve only seen from Magic Johnson and Ben Simmons. Except Lamelo seems poised to fit perfectly into today’s NBA as a player who will thrive around the 3 point line. I mean just look at his progression as Player from JBA, to JBA USA, and then back to High School. Lamelo Ball has grown up on and off the court and has grown 4 Inches in 2 Years.



As we stated months ago, Lamelo Ball is clearly the Number 1 Pick in the 2020 Draft and with his recent surge up mock drafts I expect him to show NO signs of slowing down. Lamelo Ball is going to take the NBA by storm in his rookie season. Watchout.


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