It’s been more than a day since NBA 2K might have released the best (actual) point guard card in the game right now, a Galaxy Opal Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose (aka Pooh) was one of the most entertaining players to watch in his peak with the Bulls, with his combination of skill, finesse, athleticism and explosiveness. NBA 2K has released several versions of Rose before, with a ruby card for rookie D-Rose, a diamond card for his 50-point game earlier in the year, and a pink diamond card for his rookie playoff debut where he scored 36 points against the Celtics. None of those cards were too OP, until this one was released.


This card is insane, and is definitely a must cop if you have enough MT for it. Despite being only 6’3″, it is extremely usable in competitive gameplay with unreal animations, dribble moves and dunk packages. Here are a few notable stats and badges from this beast of a card:

  • 99 Speed, Acceleration and Vertical
  • 99 Ball Control, Passing Accuracy and Speed with Ball
  • 99 Layup (Standing and Driving), 99 Dunk (Driving and Contact)
  • 99 Draw Foul
  • 98 Midrange (Open, Contested, Off Dribble)
  • 97 On-Ball Defense IQ
  • 97 Free Throw
  • 96 3pt (Open, Contested, Off Drible)
  • 95 Steal
  • HOF Limitless Range, Deep Range Deadeye
  • HOF Posterizer, Lob City Finisher
  • HOF Ankle Breaker, Dimer
  • 12 more HOF badges, 5 gold badges

Wow. This card is the very definition of overpowered. He can dribble past the defender and drive to the rim or pull up for a three, making him one of the best offensive threats in the game.

Other Available Cards

If you want to see the full stats of each card, including badges and tendencies, please click on the picture of the card. You will be redirected to, a NBA 2K database.


Notable Stats: 98 Dunk, 98 Rebounding, 98 Open Midrange, 94 Open 3pt


Notable Stats: 98 Defending, 96 Open Midrange, 95 Open 3pt, 90 Speed


Notable Stats: 98 Open Midrange, 98 Open 3pt, 98 Speed, 97 Ball Control


Notable Stats: 97 Rebounding, 96 Open Midrange, 96 Open 3pt, 96 Post Fadeaway


Notable Stats: 92 Open Midrange, 91 Speed, 90 Ball Control, 87 Open 3pt

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