Generation Next are the latest theme packs to be released by NBA 2K, featuring some of the brightest rookies and sophomores around the league.

The Galaxy Opal reward for this collection is Sixers guard Ben Simmons, who won the 2018 Rookie of the Year award last season. Joining him in the collection are 15 others, who will be discussed momentarily.

The packable Generation Next cards begin with two of this season’s ROTY candidates, with Mavericks star Luka Dončić and Hawks sensation Trae Young each getting a Galaxy Opal. Following the pair is 2018 1st Overall Pick DeAndre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns, and sophomore point guards De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball of the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively, who each earn a Pink Diamond Card.

Joining Fox is fellow backcourt guard Buddy Hield, who put up a case for the MIP award this season. Grizzlies and Nuggets rookies Jaren Jackson Jr. and Michael Porter Jr. can be pulled as well. The three players mentioned each earn a diamond card for this collection.

Starting the Amethyst tier is Spurs guard Dejounte Murray who actually missed a big portion of the season due to injury, but is still great nonetheless. Joining him is Kings rookie Marvin Bagley III and Knicks rookie Kevin Knox, both of whom had impressive rookie campaigns.

Rounding out the collection are the rubies, namely Mikal Bridges of the Hornets, Kevin Huerter of the Hawks, Collin Sexton of the Cavaliers, and Zhaire Smith of the 76ers. All are rookies who have had solid seasons for their respective teams, and look to be promising young players.

OP Cards

Every single card that is a diamond and above tiered card appears to be usable against “god squads”, as 8 of these set cards, excluding the rewards Ben Simmons boast insane stats. Here are a few notable stats from each card above a 93 overall:

(99) Ben Simmons – 98 Driving Dunk, 98 Ball Control, 97 Open Mid, 88 Open Three

(99) Luka Dončić – 98 Open Mid, 97 Open Three, 97 Ball Control, 96 Speed

(99) Trae Young – 99 Open Mid, 99 Open Three, 98 Ball Control, 98 Speed

(98) DeAndre Ayton – 97 Rebounding, 96 Open Mid, 95 Driving Dunk, 89 Open Three

(97) Lonzo Ball – 98 Ball Control, 96 Speed, 95 Driving Dunk, 94 Open Three

(97) De’Aaron Fox – 99 Speed, 96 Ball Control, 95 Open Mid, 94 Open Three, 90 Driving Dunk

(95) Buddy Hield – 98 Open Three, 97 Open Mid, 90 Speed, 90 Ball Control

(94) Jaren Jackson Jr. – 96 Open Mid, 94 Open Three, 94 Defending, 86 Speed

(93) Michael Porter Jr. – 95 Driving Dunk, 94 Open Mid, 94 Open Three, 90 Speed

While all the attention may be focused on the pink diamonds and Galaxy Opals, the diamonds all look extremely deadly with their combination of stats and badges, especially that MPJ card.

Budget Cards

This set also comes with cards for budget ballers, who may not have enough MT for the more expensive cards in this collection. This section will focus on the amethysts and rubies. Here are some key stats for the remainder of the set:

(92) Dejounte Murray – 98 Defending, 97 Speed, 95 Ball Control, 92 Open Mid

(92) Marvin Bagley III – 95 Driving Dunk, 90 Open Three, 89 Open Mid, 89 Speed

(92) Kevin Knox – 94 Open Mid, 92 Open Three, 89 Speed, 86 Ball Control

(89) Mikal Bridges – 99 Driving Dunk, 90 Open Mid, 89 Open Three, 86 Ball Control

(89) Kevin Huerter – 97 Open Three, 94 Open Mid, 90 Speed, 86 Ball Control

(89) Collin Sexton – 98 Speed, 96 Open Mid, 92 Open Three, 92 Ball Control

(89) Zhaire Smith – 99 Driving Dunk, 97 Speed, 86 Ball Control, 86 Open Three

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