The Lakers Management hasn’t been good of late and it seems unthinkable that a star is for sure choosing Los Angeles. But after much thought and deliberation there is NO WAY the Lakers keep the same roster next year and don’t spend their available money. There are fish in the sea and the Lakers are nabbing one even if you don’t want them too.

There is only 100% Chance in total a player comes and as the Lakers only have room for one max slot without a Trade we will assume they can only sign one of these players.

1% – Kevin Durant
There is just no way KD joins Lebron especially if Warriors Win the Title and Durant gets his 3rd straight ring. He’d be ready to pass Lebron and possibly start his own Goat conversation, it won’t happen. But I said that about the Warriors too, so I’ll leave a 1% he signs with the Lakers. (That is likely very high)

1% – Khris Middleton
No way he leaves Giannis and Milwaukee after his first All-Star Appearnce and being their clear cut number 2. Now if Los Angeles offers him the full max it could be enticing if he wants the glamour and a bigger brand, so I won’t rule it out if LA gets desperate.

3% – Demarcus Cousins
This would likely be a discount signing if anything but I do think there could be some chance Cousins signs alongside another star or near star level player.

3% – Nikola Vucevic
This may be the only center better on offense for the Lakers than Brook Lopez, but he’s cost a heck of a lot more money. So if the Lakers can’t convince Brooke to come back for way cheaper this could be a viable option. But again very unlikely.

3% – Tobias Harris
Everyone has talked about Jimmy Butler wanting out, but Harris has been on 3 Teams and likely wants to make sure he’s going to remain at his next destination and be paid top dollar. The 76ers, and Lakers need a player like Harris alongside Lebron or Simmons. He’s going to be a tough Free Agent to get a read on But the assumption is he’d stay in Philly.

4% – Klay Thompson
The moons would have to align perfectly for this one as Klay likely wouldn’t leave the warriors. Unless they lost the title, and the KD takes his time deciding his future and the team decides to take their time offering the full max to Klay. If this happens maybe Klay will test the waters and from what I’ve seen from his dads tweets he’d very much be a Laker if he wasn’t a Warrior.

10% – Kemba Walker
This is likely the Lakers last resort if they can’t get another Free Agent to sign in the first few days of Free Agency. Kemba would become a solid 2 Guard on offense beside Lonzo and Lebron and should get a lot more 3’s than he already takes (which is a lot). I like this as a worst case scenario, but think if this was too happen it’s also just as likely they Trade Lebron.

15% – Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler has been a man in these playoffs for the 76ers and while Embiid is their best player he has been their grit and closer. Without Butler the 76ers would have been lost already and he’d be a great option if the Lakers strike out on Kawhi and Kyrie.

25% – Kawhi Leonard
I think Kawhi is as likely to choose the Lakers as he is the Clippers or Raptors. With Nets, Knicks, Heat And a few others likely getting a meeting. But I expect Kawhi to have reasons to want to be in LAC, LAL, and TOR in the 2020 season. So I expect an interesting choice this offseason.

35% – Kyrie Irving
This is starting to become my favorite option as Lebron never wanted Kyrie Traded and it all fell apart over misunderstandings to begin with. Kyrie has called and apologized to Lebron since, realizing what it’s like to play with a younger NBA player. Now in the midst of Free Agency having been eliminated early in the playoffs it could be very likely Kyrie joins Lebron and Lonzo to win another ring in LA. As reported before Kyrie likes to play a certain way and doesn’t want to change that to win games, with Lonzo and Lebron he’d be able to play his game and win at an all time great level.


Honorable Mentions

49% – Anthony Davis
The Lakers showed the most interest in AD and trading house for Davis becomes easier to swallow for the franchise if they have a younger star Locked up long term, AD and Lebron. So I’m under the impression if the Lakers do sign another star FA they will likely 2-3 members of their young core and the 2019 draft pick.

9% – Lebron Traded
This isn’t going to happen, but would Lakers want to field the same roster with the addition of Kemba and Boogie for example. Is that even enough to be the best out west and defeat the Warriors if KD leaves let alone the option he actually stays for a chance at 4 straight titles.


Most Likely Lakers Offseason

Sign Kyrie Irving

Re-Sign Alex Caruso, Reggie Bullock, Javale Mcgee

Trade Kuzma-Ingram (#1 Pick for AD)

Sign 2-3 of the following

-Seth Curry, JJ Redick, Thabo Sefolosha, Trevor Ariza, Austin Rivers, Patrick Beverley, Danny Green, Brook Lopez, Wesley Matthews, Demarre Carroll.


Possible Lakers Team








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