1. Theon Greyjoy 80% 

Theon seems like the most likely death given he will Be trying to repent for past sins and will be in charge of protecting Bran from the Night King. I expect him to die and if the battle is lost for them to retreat to the iron islands without him.

2. Beric Dondarrion 75%

What is his cosmic purpose for coming back from the dead? Could it be to save Jon Snow’s life in this battle at the expense of his own? No matter what it is however it’s safe to say this is most likely where his story ends.

3. The Hound 71%

Like Beric he’s been around since season one off and on. The writers had a chance to kill him off and kept him in the show, could it be to die now in greatest battle the world has ever seen? I’d say yes. Arya needs to have same underlying feelings for the Hound come to the surface when he dies.

4. Brienne 70%

Her character arch seems all but complete and unless she’s going to be a Queens Guard and the show ends with all women in power then it’s safe to say she is likely dying as well. Although if she lives it’ll be interesting to see if one of or both her suitors live the encounter with the dead.

5. Edd 65%

He’s the last Nights Watch character left without real meaning and is much more likely to die than Samwell or Jon. There is also no way all 3 crows make it through this alive. My money is on Edd.

6. Podrick 63%
7. Grey Worm 61%
8. Jamie 55%
9. Gilly 50%
10. Seaworth 45%
11. Jorah Mormont 45%
12. Tormund 35%
13. Little Sam 33%
14. Lord Varys 33%
15. Samwell Tarley 31%
16. Gendry Boratheon 30%
17. Ghost 25%

I think they brought Jon’s Dire Wolf back just to kill it off dramatically in this episode. A Dire Wolf doesn’t have and can’t use dragon glass and likely will get over ran by dead after saving What I assume to be Jon.

18. Drogon 21%

The odds of another Dragon dying are high I’d assume as 2 if too many in a 2-3 episode war with Cersei. They’d end the battle very quickly as we saw the damage it did against the Lannisters when it was just Drogon. I also believe Danny’s is more likely to die given we as fans are more connected to it. They are going to want deaths that are sad to the audience but don’t ruin the story line.

19. Night King 20%

I don’t think they kill him this episode but he has to die right? It’s not like we’re about to watch 4 more episodes of the dead vs. the living. The odds of him dying for me are raising dramatically. I’d say maybe Drogon dies helping kill the Night King.

20. Arya Stark 18%
21. Bran 15%

22. Tyrion 13%

Danny told Tyrion to be in the crypts and the crypts are likely to be over run with dead. I think it is more likely Tyrion saves some of the people in the crypt and finds a way to escape and live. He’s a fan favorite and I’d have to say one of the least likely to die.

23. Daenerys 10%

She just found out Jon is the rightful king and that her family has an Heir, she didn’t seem thrilled by it; but could that make her risk her own life even more or less? Afterall this isn’t her fight, as she pointed out to Sansa, but after losing one of her 3 dragons I doubt that to be true.

24. Jon Snow 6%

The show is about him, they may end the episode allowing you to think him or Daenerys have fallen but I just can’t see a show without both of them in it for at least one more episode.

25. Sansa 5%

There is no way the writers the Kill of Sansa who won’t be doing a ton of fighting, when we can see her fight with her words Vs. Danny the Last 3 episodes. Her death seems unlikely.

26. Rhaegal 2%

I have Jon’s Dragon as the least likely to die because I believe for Jon to rule the 7 kingdoms, especially over Daenerys he has to have a Dragon. Given he has now imprinted and bonded with Rhaegal, the dragon can take no other rider. Meaning if Jon’s Dragon lives and Drogon dies, Jon will be king no matter if Daenerys likes it or not because he has the only living dragon.

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