The latest packs released for MyTeam include not one, but TWO PINK DIAMOND KYRIE IRVING cards.

To commemorate his time as a 2K cover athlete (NBA 2K18), the latest 20th Anniversary Packs feature a Cavs Kyrie Irving as the main promo card, with a Celtics Irving promo card as a “Limited Edition” variant. The Cavaliers version has 20 more total attributes in comparison, but both should be great cards regardless. Collecting the Celtics card, in addition to the previously released PD Steph Curry, would mean that you have collected 1/3 of the cards needed to obtain a Galaxy Opal Shaq.

Available Cards:

The first Kyrie card SHOULD be in a Celtics jersey

Pink Diamond Kyrie Irving (Celtics)

Notable Stats: 99 Ball Control, 98 Layup, 98 Open Mid, 97 Open Three, 96 Speed

This card is a beast. It may have problems going up against taller “point guards”, but this card should be able to easily create his own shot. Those who want to claim Galaxy Opal Shaquille O’Neal later on in the year must get this card.

Pink Diamond Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers)

Notable Stats: 99 Ball Control, 99 Layup, 99 Open Mid, 98 Open Three, 98 Speed

This card is essentially a better, yet less valuable version of the Celtics card. It has 6 more Hall of Fame badges, including HOF Limitless Range and HOF Dimer. However, it does not contribute to the completion of any set, so it is mainly just used if you want the actual card on your team.

Pink Diamond Grant Hill

Notable Stats: 98 Driving Dunk, 98 Open Mid, 98 Speed, 95 Open Three, 94 Ball Control

I’m sorry to those that just picked up the 97 Rewards Grant Hill, but this card is just a much better version. He can shoot, dribble and dunk really well which just makes him everyone’s favorite new point guard (please don’t).

Pink Diamond DeMar DeRozan

Notable Stats: 98 Driving Dunk, 98 Open Mid, 94 Speed, 88 Ball Control, 85 Open Three

The stats on this card may not look as appealing as the others, but don’t be fooled. DeRozan cards always have dope animations, and this seems to be the best card he will receive for the rest of the year. Add in a decent three ball and you have yourself an athletic dunking machine that every team can use.

Diamond Kristaps Porzingis

Notable Stats: 96 Standing Layup, 95 Open Mid, 94 Open Three, 91 Rebounding

If you hated getting cheesed on by Amethyst, or even Ruby Porzingis, this isn’t exactly the best of news. The 7’3″ Stretch Big is back, and this time he comes with better shooting and defensive stats. I would definitely suggest picking him up if you can afford him, unless you already have the Amethyst KP-Diamond Luka dynamic duo (which in that case, you don’t need to).

Other Cards

Shaq was no longer in his prime as a member of the Cavs, but his 2K cards are always extremely cheesy. Sure, he can’t hit a three (or a free throw), but he should be able to easily push his way to the basket. He has a surprisingly decent speed and should be a great addition for budget squads.

Lastly, we have Ruby Thon Maker. His stats aren’t too high, but there is no doubt that he can be a good addition to one’s budget squad. He has an 84 Speed and an 83 Ball Control, in addition to him being 7’1″. He should be fairly cheap, so pick him up while you still can!

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