Welcome to the first ever UniqueSportplus NBA 2K 1-on-1 Simulations!

Have you ever wondered who would win a 1-on-1 game between two NBA legends, past or present? Have you every wanted to see Kobe play against MJ? Or LeBron against Magic? Well, now you (kinda) can!

Inspired by YouTuber Smequle, we will be placing 2 NBA legends against each other to see who would come out victorious. Here are the details and rules:

  • 1-on-1, first to 11
  • Best-of-7 Series
  • NBA 2K19 Blacktop Mode (CPU-controlled)
  • Player that starts with the ball alternates

With that being said, let’s jump right in. For this particular battle, we will be seeing a 1-on-1 between two of the greatest 6’0″ players of all-time. We have “The Answer” himself, Allen Iverson, taking on Chris “CP3” Paul.

Iverson is one of the best offensive players the league has ever seen. He’s capable of scoring over taller defenders, not to mention his insane handles that allow him to get past his defenders. The 2001 MVP is an extremely difficult opponent, with some calling him the best pound-for-pound NBA player of all time. Will CP3 be able to prevail?

CP3 is well-known for his playmaking, but his skill on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court is no slouch. He has great handles, allowing him to get to the rim or create space for a jumper. He’s a good shooter, both from the midrange and the three point line. He’s also a pretty good on-ball defender for his size, in addition to his high basketball IQ. Is that enough to take on The Answer?

Well, here are the results:

Game 1: CP3 11 – 4 AI

Game 2: CP3 10 – 12 AI

Game 3: CP3 11 – 4 AI

Game 4: CP3 12 – 14 AI

The first 4 games of the series end with a 2-2 split between the two guards, with CP3 holding a much more dominant edge with two 7-Point victories, as opposed to AI’s two 2-Point victories. CP3 held his own against one of the greatest ball handlers of all-time with his own array of dribble moves. Paul played incredible defense against AI as well, which led to the two low scoring games of Iverson.

Game 5: CP3 7 – 11 AI

Game 6: CP3 11 – 6 AI

Game 7: CP3 11 – 5 AI

CP3 ended up taking the W over AI. I initially predicted that Paul would win based off his on-ball defense being much better than Iverson’s in my opinion. With both having the same height, it was fair ground for the two to battle. While Iverson is a better scorer, Paul proved that he was no slouch offensively, as he got to the rim with ease in addition to a few fadeaway jumpers that helped him get the win.

And there you have it! The winner of the first-ever UniquESportplus NBA 2K Blacktop Simulation is Chris Paul! Who do you think should have won? Who should match-up next? Comment below or tweet at us @UniquESportplus

If this does well enough, I will do another one, so definitely show support by sharing it!

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