The past few weeks have been an exciting ride for Alex Caruso, who has become the Lakers late season hero in what adds up to a bunch of meaningless wins for everyone, except Caruso. It has become very clear that not only is Caruso an NBA caliber player, but that he has more than earned the opportunity to be resigned by the Lakers.

Caruso is not only in the best stretch of his NBA career, but his career as a whole. He has been able to put all of his hard work to good use in the Lakers late season streak, and he has perhaps unlocked his best form.

Don’t get me wrong, Alex Caruso will most likely never be a consistent starter in the NBA, but at the very least he has earned a real NBA contract and the option to fight for the backup spot in the Lakers PG rotation behind Lonzo Ball. This form could be to good to be true for Caruso, but it is difficult to argue that he is still not good enough for an NBA deal.

What do you think, should Alex Caruso be re-signed for next season by the Lakers?

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