With the news that Lamelo Ball has decided to take his talents to either Australia or China, we have decided to choose three teams that are in ideal situations for Melo to thrive in.

When deciding teams that Lamelo could potentially play for you need to look for 2 things, a team that is in a position to win, and have a commitment to Lamelo. He, as well as Lavar, will want a premier role in order to prove himself to NBA teams and improve his draft stock.

1. Shanghai Sharks

With Jimmer Freddette back in the NBA at last, the Shanghai Sharks are in a dire need for a new star PG and Lamelo is the perfect player to fit that role. Like Jimmer, Lamelo could easily put on a scoring show in the Chinese Basketball League, and carry the Sharks on his back. Lamelo would attract unprecedented attention to the team and to the league, really this move would be great for all involved.

For Lamelo, he would get a chance to prove himself in one of the better leagues outside the U.S and lead a team that is craving a new star, This is certainly the team Lavar and Lamelo should be calling first if he is playing overseas.

2. Brisbane Bullets

The Brisbane Bullets are a playoff team in the NBL of Australia that are one star away from winning a league title, Lamelo could be that star. Lamelo would bring loads of media attention to the NBL for the Bullets, and would impact winning in a positive way.

Lamelo would bring play making to the Bullets that they did not have at all last season, with their leading assist man averaging just 4 a game, Lamelo could easily double that, not to mention everything else he brings to the table. The Bullets could go from a fringe play off team to a championship contender just by adding Lamelo.

3. Melbourne United

Like Brisbane, Melbourne are in need of a man who can move the basketball, and Lamelo fits the bill, Melbourne made it all the way to the final round of the NBL playoffs last season and Lamelo could go there to prove he is the missing piece.Lamelo’s goal should be to prove to NBA teams that he is the missing link that they need, and that he is worthy of not only being drafted, but being a lottery pick, he has an opportunity to pick a team where he can openly impact the success of the program, Melbourne is that choice.

No matter what team Lamelo chooses, he must perform well to make sure that he will be drafted, his talent is unquestionable, as long as he shows the effort and drive to win overseas next season, the sky is the limit for him.


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  1. I think team he go to overseas he will end up in the NBA.

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