Lonzo Ball is suing former business partner and manager Alan Foster for allegedly stealing 1.5 Million from his business and personal accounts.

The lawsuit will Be For 2 Million Dollars as Lonzo Ball is looking to recoup what he lost and the expenses for any lawyers, and what the money could have been if invested properly rather than being stolen.

Apparently when Lonzo Ball confronted Alan Foster, Foster threatened to expose and letout misleading and false information about the Ball Family. Lonzo’s response has been to sever all ties and sue for the entire amount and then some. If this is true Foster is criminal and absolutely needs to be charged in criminal court after this Vivian court ruling comes out against him.

Foster has already been convicted and given 7 years (which he didn’t serve the full length) for financial crimes in the past. Now he went from scamming churches to scamming the Ball Family.

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