Lavar Ball announced at the half time of the BBB All American game that his son, Lamelo Ball will be playing overseas in either Australia or China in preparation for the NBA Draft in 2020. This news is a big reveal as we have all been waiting to see where Lamelo Ball would decide to play in the next year. There were rumors of College, G-League, and Overseas and now it seems Lamelo Ball has decided on the latter.

This news could also have an effect on Liangelo Ball’s future, as they are always better when they play together, could Gelo join Lamelo overseas? Either way Lamelo will once again be playing professional basketball and I for one could not be more excited.

Australia and China are both leagues that many players have played in and made the jump to the NBA, his performance in these leagues will be vital for his draft stock. What do you think, will Lamelo have success overseas?

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