Big Baller Brand dropped all of its merchandise to 50% off in light of some of the news circling Big Baller Brand. Lavar Ball did come out recently saying that Big Baller Brand is still a family Brand and that one snake won’t ruin eveything they’ve built.

Big Baller Brand looks like it isn’t going anywhere, but with the price drop of some of their footwear and Zo2 clothing line you may just want to cop you some of their BBB gear just Incase it does become obsolete.

However, given Lavar’s comments I think all of this may just help them be out actually. If they remain intact they can use this publicity to sale all of the old merchandise they have the rest of this summer at half the cost. I’d have to think if they are trying to get rid of all the product they can now while staying in business it must also mean they likely will be restocking the shelves with new Big Baller Brand merchandise this summer. A 3rd Lonzo Signature Shoe and new designs for their merchandise are likely In Order.

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