With the fall of Big Baller Brand taking place there has been a question of whether the NCAA should allow former JBA players regain their lost eligibility. Some former JBA players have decided to move on to other professional leagues, including the NBA and NBA G League(If they are drafted or picked up). Jordan Ray and Deon Lyle have declared for the NBA draft, many former players have tried out for the G League, and Harrison Reiger is even playing in El Salvador.

With only a small percentage of former JBA players moving on to professional leagues, the NCAA should consider giving them another shot at eligibility. While it is unlikely that it will happen, it could give kids a second chance.

While there has been a petition started its very unlikely that these players will get a shot at NCAA. They will probably have to look at a pro future similar to the way Harrison Reiger has playing in El Salvador, they will need to work their way up from the bottom in hopes of playing in the NBA one day.

The JBA is most likely over with because Lonzo Ball and Alan Foster are no longer partnered, so all of the players who made a name for themselves in the league will have to start new, so what do you think, should the NCAA give the JBA players a chance?

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