With the news that Alan Foster has stolen money from Lonzo Ball and that Lonzo will most likely leave Big Baller Brand, the time for Lamelo to follow has come as well. Lamelo decided on his own to go back to high school, it seems obvious that he wants his future to be decided by himself, not by his father, and not by this brand. The age of Big Baller Brand has been full of controversy, and whether you love or hate the brand, it very well could be over.

It all started with the terrible news that Alan Foster had stolen 1.5 million from Lonzo Ball, and Lonzo Ball came out and said he needs to be his own man, it’s time for Lamelo to do the same.

Lamelo Ball is at a pivotal point of his career where he could choose many paths including college, G-League, or Overseas, but why should Lamelo let anyone else make that decision but himself. Lamelo has balled in Nike before, and it seems the Ball brothers may finally leave BBB for the biggest brand in basketball. Lonzo, Liangelo, and Lamelo have all unfollowed Big Baller Brand on Instagram, it all adds up that BBB may be in its final hours.

What do you think, should Lamelo stick with BBB, or is it time for him to move on and for the notorious brand to fade into history?

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