We’ve heard a lot of speculation that Lonzo could possibly leave Big Baller Brand altogether and join Nike. With recent social media posts and Avi changes fans are further speculating if he is about to make the jump.

However, after just releasing his second Signature Shoe and having his own Signature brand apart from BBB (Zo2) I think the most likely scenario if any would be Lonzo selling his majority stake in BBB to Nike and having Nike take over their company and brand now that Lonzo is more established and Lamelo is developing it may be more appealing to Nike than it was 2 years ago.

Still I doubt we see Nike shell out 50 Million or more to convince Lonzo to give up owning his own shoe and likeness; which is what I think it would take. Big Baller Brand May have taken a hit with this but they’ve still been very lucrative when it comes to their shoes and clothing line. As many shirts, hoodies, and Signature Shoes have SOLD OUT on select colorways. Big Baller Brand has created a wave and there is definitely more in store, but I can’t imagine Lonzo giving up and bailing on a company he owns a majority of; even if the person running operations stole from him.

Nike would also have to promise him a Signature Shoe immediately, and I’m not sure Nike is about to make him one of their select athletes with his own Signature line. I’m also not sure it makes sense for Lonzo to give that up without being promised such by Nike.

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