Apparently, Lavar and social media dropped the ball on this one. How Foster was allowed access to not only Big Baller Brand accounts and assets but Lonzo Ball’s personal and Business accounts as well. This was an oversight that I can’t believe took place, Foster who had previously served jail time for Stealing Millions prior to meeting the Ball Family.

Lavar has apparently let this slide for months as his life has gotten a little more fast paced (traveling around the world). Now finally addressing the emails and allegations presented by Lonzo’s financial advisor it has become clear that there is substantial cash missing; to the tune of 1.5 Million.

Foster was part owner in BBB and the JBA League, it will be interesting to see how they severe ties with Foster going forward. If they win a case in court against Foster they could potentially get all of their ownership in BBB back plus some additional collateral. Currently Foster owns 16.3% of Big Baller Brand, but you’d expect the family to cut all ties; especially business ones going forward.

Lonzo also changed his profile picture to a him in a Nike shirt shortly after and was quoted saying “if the team needed him to change shoes he’d be open to the idea”. This wasn’t in relation to what happened with Alan but could lead to a possible partnership with BBB and Nike. That could all just be speculation however.

This is shocking too say the least as I’ve met and spoken to Foster on multiple occasions and he was always promoting a very good face for the brand. Even though the Better Business Bureau Gave them an F as a Business I’ve ordered from their website nearly a dozen times and they’ve made a mistake once. When that mistake happened they answered my email within 48 hours and not only sent the correct item but let me keep the more expensive item they mistakenly sent me.

Lonzo’s Agent Harrison Gaines will be taking on a bigger role in Lonzo’s career than previously. Maybe he will be more hands on with Big Baller Brand as well? But Id like to see D’Mo help out a lot more and maybe even see more of Denise on the Woman’s side of apparel.

Hopefully the Ball Family learns from this and can lean more on D’Mo now than ever. As much as he’s helped Lonzo and has taken on sides of the business for Alan and Lavar he would be a great candidate to help Lavar run Big Baller Brand and get Lonzo’s off the Court business back in line. One thing is for sure, Season 5 Of Ball in The Family is NOW MUST SEE TV.

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