Of course, we will see Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and other lottery picks suiting up in the March Madness tournament, but what players could raise their stock during the tournament this year?

We have assembled a list of 4 players we believe could significantly raise their draft stock during the March Madness tournament, maybe even to a lottery level.

1. Naz Reid

The LSU PF/C has been up and down in his freshmen season after coming out of high school as a 5 star recruit, while he could be drafted as late as the 2nd round he has the opportunity to rise up to the mid first round with a good run in the tournament.

Reid excels as a play making big man who can handle the basketball and flat out score, but questions about his playing shape and drive have caused him to fall in most mocks, but if he proves the determination people believe he doesn’t have during the tourney, then the sky is the limit for him.

2. Tre Jones

Tre Jones is in a position where he could be drafted anywhere from the late first round to the late second round, he now has the chance in the tourney to prove he is the type of smart Point Guard that makes an NBA team click. Playing on Duke with stars that are projected to go in the top 10 has left eyes off of Jones, but if he can outshine his star teammates in a run, then we could see him picked as early as the middle of the first round.

3. PJ Washington

This season Kentucky have been held back because they lack a true leader and star, if they are to make a tournament run they will need someone to step up, and we believe Washington may be the one. Washington is currently mocked at the end of the first round, but with some inspiring tournament play he could find himself in the discussion for the late lottery. Washington is a Power Forward who has a knack for scoring in the inside, but may have limited upside, he wants to show he is a winning player to NBA teams.

4. Quentin Grimes

There is a chance that former 5 star recruit Quentin Grimes could go un-drafted this year if he flops in the NCAA tournament, but he also could find himself back in the first round conversation if he is able to take control and lead Kansas to a final four run. Given the bias NBA scouts put on the tournament Grimes could easily regain the draft stock he has lost this season.

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