Let’s go ahead and begin in chronological order.

Firstly, the Lakers need to do their best to tank. This shouldn’t be hard as the Lakers have the worst Win% over the last 6 years since Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles. If the Lakers can manage to raise their odds a top 5 pick and possibly even the number one pick in the NBA Draft; it would go a long way in making the Lakers formidable.

Secondly, the Lakers need the Lottery Balls to fall in their favor and help them get a top pick in the draft. If they manage to get lucky enough to snag Zion the Lakers brass needs to do eveything to keep Zion and the young core rather than trade for Anthony Davis.

Lastly, the Lakers need to make waves in Free Agency. But not as much as you may think; the Lakers are missing 5 things to become sure fire NBA Champions.

If the Lakers can address 3 out of 5 of those things along with good health they will be a sure fire top 5 team in NBA. The Lakers need to get all of them if they expect to upset Golden State at full strength. They need players like these to fit in their style and roster dynamic. Since the Lakers only have 6-7 players on their roster for next season they have a good chance to re-load and revamp this roster into an actually contender.

Getting a second star is of the upmost importance and is rank the Lakers possible signings as seen below if it was up to me on who the Lakers would sign or go after in Free Agency.

If the Lakers can manage to snag a few names off this list and add a decent shooter and defender off the bench and they could very well be in the mix next season given the possible growth of the Lakers Young Stars. Below is my Lakers 2019-20 Dream Roster.

Now this exact roster may be a pipe dream, but I don’t see why the Lakers can’t get Kawhi, Jimmy, or Kyrie as well as fill out the rest of the roster with competent and quality signings. The Lakers need shooters, and reliable defenders coming off the bench, if Healthy this Lakers roster is still formidable as is. But given their lack of shooting if they even miss one of their core the entire team falls apart defensively.

Additionally, the Lakers shouldn’t trade Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, or the rights to Zion if they get him. A Lakers dynasty and championship is dependent on keeping these players.

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