This has to be his best fit and puts the least pressure and media attention on him while still putting him in a spot to succeed on and off the court. The fans will love him in Atlanta and if he was drafted by the Hawks; Zion and Trae Young could make the most exciting duo in Atlanta Hawks History. Not to mention this is like putting a young version of Steph and Lebron next to each at the same time and giving them a chance to grow together. It could be HUGE for the next generation of basketball.


I don’t like this option more than the Lakers if they don’t get a big Time Free Agent. If Zion has to be in New York by himself that isn’t nearly as interesting as being on a stacked Lakers squad for the next decade. If the Knicks can get Kyrie and Durant to pair with Zion he will be very good next to them. Neither of these scenarios though would immediately make him the biggest star on team, such as Atlanta. He’d be a HUGE star with the Knicks but could be overshadowed with Kyrie and Durant on the horizon.


Playing next to Lebron and Lonzo would be huge for his career and ability to score easily in transition. The Lakers could also use his abilities on the defensive end and as an athlete guarding multiple positions. The Lakers are still lacking shooting as a team however and will need to find players outside of Zion or a big Free Agent to fix their problems. The media attention here would be good for Zion in terms of his brand but could hinder his development (although that hasn’t been the case thus far in his career). There is also a chance the Lakers would be foolish and trade Zion if they got the pick (I’d hope they aren’t that dumb, but it’s a possibility). Which who wants to be added into constant Trade Rumors?


Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Zion Williamson. What he brings as an athlete and defender could be huge for this Suns team next to a great scorer and playmaker as well as a walking Double-Double in Deandre Ayton. This would be huge in terms of fit and Zion would be a big star in Arizona but it wouldn’t exactly be great for his branding (although If he’s great his brand will be anywhere).


He’d be the biggest Star there since Michael Jordan and I say that knowing very well D-Rose played and won an MVP in Chicago. However, Zion would be much bigger and would take over social media with HIGH FLYING DUNKS in the house AIR JORDAN built. Zion could be huge for Chicago, and the team that would be around Zion would be gritty, athletic, and have some shooting from Markkanen. It would be a great fit for him.

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