The Wynn

The Chocolate Fountains are a MUST see, (White, Dark, and Milk), the Crab Legs come pre split down the middle for your convenience (unless your used to cracking crab shells, than it may be a little odd for you), they also have a wide selection of Meats including Turkey, New York Steak, Chicken, and Prime Rib.

The Buffet was about 47$ A person, and they don’t start serving crab until 3:30 PM like most of the good Crab and Seafood Buffets In Las Vegas. (If you find yourself in Vegas on Sunday morning however for 100$ you can eat at Sterling Brunch and feast on all you can eat Lobster, Crab, and Steak.

The Wynn was our big winner, we ate at each of these Buffets during our stay in Vegas and we were most impressed with not only this Buffets selection, but the decor as well. It was a real event, gives you the feel of being in candyland when you walk through the dessert station.

The Crab was amazing as I put down 4 Full Plates of the Crab Legs and out of all 4 Buffets definitely had the best and freshest tasting Crab Legs. If you aren’t solely focused in Crab there are some other options, as there is a sushi station, Taco Station, and a Crepe Station.

The Aria

We ate this buffet Three Times (We got an All Day Pass for 65$) and at first it was our favorite buffet until we saw the Wynn. This buffet had good Soup, Crab Legs and Crab Claws, as well as Delicious Turkey and mashed potatoes.

The Dessert section isn’t very great and may take away from the whole experience, the only part of the dessert I liked was the Gelato, which nearly every Buffet in Vegas serves instead of ice cream.

There is sometimes up to an hour wait for this buffet, but if you go early and get the All-Day pass which is only 20$ more than the normal Dinner Buffet Price than you can comeback during dinner and Skip the Line entirely.

The Bacchanal Buffet

This Buffet was well worth the price and may have possibly been the largest buffet of the the ones we saw, with a huge desert station that we were actually too full to even touch by time we got through dinner. They had wonderful Crab Legs and Claws as well, but I didn’t get around to much more of the buffet and their crab wasn’t as good as these other two places which may have affected the way we viewed their buffet.

The Bellagio Buffet

We came to eat here our first night in town and got the All you can eat Buffett and Drinks and in total it cost over 120$, and I’m not sure if it was the long day of travel but we ate the least amount at this buffet and were ready to leave after basically our first plate. The Crab Legs were also not as good here as they were in the other two places we went too.

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