It is finally that time for Lamelo, yes we are talking about his decision to choose a college or team to play for next season. Lamelo should have a plethora of choices depending on whether he is eligible to play in the NCAA.

Where Will Lamelo Ball Take his Talents After High School?

A couple of months ago we discussed what we believed his best options were post high school, but now Lamelo himself has sent out a cryptic tweet that can only mean he is in the process of deciding now.

Lamelo has 3 main choices to pick from on where he could play next year, including the NCAA, G-League, and the JBA, of course Lamelo could always surprise us with a different move. It is inevitable that we will hear something about Lamelo’s plans by the beginning of summer, perhaps he could even have another JBA stint then play in the G-League, there really are that many possibilities.

We have seen in the last year how Lamelo has become a great leader on and off the court, but now is the time for him to prove it at the next level. Lamelo would surely take any college team and turn it into a nightmare to play against, as well as a media hot spot, likewise in the G-League.

How Lamelo Ball has Become a Great Leader

What do you think Lamelo will decide?

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