After Lamelo Ball’s shocking loss in the Grind Session final to conclude his Spire Academy and High School career he has many choices ahead of him about what to do next year before the NBA draft. He could go to college or the G-League, but we pose the question, what if Lamelo reclassified to play one more year at Spire before the draft.

Of course, this scenario is unlikely, even if Lamelo is ineligible for college, but this would give Lamelo the opportunity to avenge Spire’s finals loss and another crack at some of the elite competition they play against. However, Lamelo will be much more prepared for the NBA if he jumps to the next level, as he will receive coaching from a top college or minor team as well as playing either top prospects or seasoned pros in the G-League.

If Lamelo were able to reclassify he would once again get to play with superstar Isaiah Jackson, but would that experience really provide him the proper skills to play in the NBA, I don’t think so.

Lamelo should and most likely will jump to either the college or professional level to prepare him for his future in the NBA, while Lamelo does like to make history, it is probably not wise for him to become a prep to pro prospect. Lamelo could even head out on another tour with his fathers JBA if he wished, which would certainly prepare him to face the stars of today NBA in a way high school basketball never could.

What do you think, should Lamelo Ball reclassify back to high school, or make the jump to the next level?

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